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This is what I was busy doing last night. Maternity session at the beach. Got to love San Diego! 
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I was going to make a joke about water breaking, but decided against it. I really do like this photo +Erika Thornes :)
okay, I know this is gonna sound weird... but I just love the curvy lines of a prego woman.  And it is a complex response... cause (and I don't know if this will make sense at all) but there is something both holy and sensual about that look.  Its a form of righteous delight.  Okay, that sounded weird.
No, I get it. It is about bringing new life. It really is a pretty form. That is why I like to do underwater maternity. 
off topic...I didn't do that theme thing I had hoped to "borrow" from you from the last hunt....but I did borrow one idea.  You'll see.
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