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Erika Felt
I love exploring new circles of friends!
I love exploring new circles of friends!

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Excited to return to offering a FULL preschool and early learning program!

Hmmm it looks as though Google may have picked up and I might have to take some time tomorrow night to explore and see what y'all have been up to :)
Have a great week!

Post has attachment I've been getting great free products from Influenster! Easy to sign up

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I have a Chromecast on my bedroom TV and love it!!
I'm excited to be in the running for this fun party so you can come get beat at Monopoly😜

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Enter to win $250 in award winning kids toys!

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Free is good! Especially when you're not sure what you want lol enter and win

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Lol this show is funny and I can watch it with my 9yr old!

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I'm just now seeing this

but ummmm yeah those Jamberry nail wraps? No bueno smh

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I'm loving hearing a new hit that doesn't degrade women :-)
Give a listen and if you like, please consider purchasing for .99c at I Tunes or z Google Play Store.
If this young man can seek enough singles it will give him leverage for a good contract and show music companies that we still like good lyrics
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