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Erik Yuzwa
web builder by day, game coder by night, father to my children all day long
web builder by day, game coder by night, father to my children all day long

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Check out this video on YouTube:

Reading Rainbow kickstarter went final-funded today! not only did I help the kiddies, but I picked up a special edition baby blue Ouya! A win-win!

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API security is a topic I don't think is talked about nearly enough! Great talk.

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it's that balance between brilliant and downright terrifying.

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The Lannister  /  The Game of Thrones Workout
Lannisters live in a world where only two things count: the weight of your word and the strength of your sword arm. This is an upper body workout designed to help you develop both. How it does it for your word we will get to in a moment. First your sword arm. In addition to the usual set of push ups, punches and climbers we now also have reverse push ups. This is where you place your hands so your fingertips point either away from your body, at the sides, at a 90 degree angle or, ideally, towards your feet. This works your biceps, shoulders and inner forearms giving you the punishing sword grip you seek. As for your word, well, this ain’t no easy upper body work out. It takes grit to get through it. You need to stick to your word. As a Lannister, you always have to do your reps. 
What it works: chest, biceps, triceps, lower abs and core, inner forearm, deltoids. 

#fitness   #workoutwednesday   #workout   #gameofthrones  

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This meetup will be split into two parts. The first half-hour will be about a beginner focussed topic and in the second part we will step it up a notch and do something for advanced. This time:

1) Intro to NodeJS & the ecosystem

- What is NodeJS?
- NodeJS, so hot right now
- Node ecosystem and npm
- Create a basic low level NodeJS server

2) Getting Real-time with Feathers

- Brief explanation of Express
- What is feathers and why is it different?
- Build a slick photo sharing app, and sell it to facebook.

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this is how World War 3 will start
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