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Hi! I just discovered The Strange, and it looks cool. I have a couple questions if that's okay. Sorry if they've been asked before.

1. Do I need to buy the Cypher System too, or are all the rules I need in The Strange book?

2. How tied up are the rules and the setting? Is it easy to make your own campaign world?

3. Is this compatible with the adventure format in Numenara: Weird Discoveries? Or is that already included?

4. I was thinking of running a more traditional fantasy RPG using Cypher System rules and using The Strange rules specifically as rules for the multiverse and planar travel. Think that would work or would it require a lot of house ruling? Would I need the Cypher System Rulebook for this?

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Take my poll on Twitter about the best social media platform for play-by-post D&D? And feel free to share!
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What's your favorite DIY D&D stuff that has come out in 2015 so far? (besides RnPL I mean. We all know about that one already)
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Any good source for maps of the real world that don't have borders or place names already written on them? I want to make a "fantasy Earth" map for my campaign with its own empires, cities, etc.
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This is a side of Pooh of which I was previously unaware …
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This is awesome and full of win. Great flavor.

Some thoughts on how to make this in 5E terms:

1/ The Hate Priests hi-light the dearth of evil Cleric domains available today. Some Morelock priests might be Tricksters for political intrigue reasons, but there's no Hate or Cannibalism Domains. Which is a shame.

2/ Any fully classed Fighters would doubtless use the Archer style.

3/ The Thieves Guild would probably have a mix of Thieves and Assassins. The latter would focus on their Disguise abilities to blend in with Morelock society.

4/ Although not mentioned, there's obviously a need for Wizards to serve as the Engineering class that powers the Drill City. Transmuters would craft the parts to build the engines with, as well as the super-hard drill face that eats through the rock, and Conjurers would power the apparatus with captured Steam and fire elementals.
My PCs are all up in a Morlock Drill City, so I go on a bit about Morlocks and their awful society. 
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The Elemental Evil Player's Companion has been released as a POD softcover through DriveThruRPG.

That's pretty cool. And it's consistent with WotC's strategy of giving away the rules or selling them as cheaply as possible, while making money on the big adventure experiences.
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This Forbes article about D&D 5E is written in a very positive tone, but I find it mostly depressing.

Disclaimer: I love 5e

I'm glad the sales targets are being met and exceeded. This indicates that WotC will continue to support the game for many years to come.

But the form of the support is useless to me. It's all big adventures like Tyranny of Dragons and Princes of the Apocalypse and zero new rules or options. And it's going to be all Forgotten Realms, all the time.

Now I appreciate the danger of rules bloat, but no new rule books at all?? There's only two Sorcerer bloodlines and there could be dozens more Cleric Domains. And PC races.

In other words it's all mega-adventures and no tools, which is the exact opposite of what I want or need. I have always made my own campaigns and worlds, and just want races, classes and rule options to populate it with.

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Guys, a rocket just launched into orbit, deployed a space ship to rendezvous with a space station, and descended under power with active steering back into Earth's atmosphere to land on an autonomous floating spaceport in the Atlantic Ocean.

The landing was a bit too hard for the rocket to fly again, but still, I thought you should know.
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Hi! I just found this group and it seems perfect for my needs. I love the OSR, and also love the clean 5E rules design.

Add me to your D&D Circles if you post about that stuff. I will do the same.

Attached is my current 5E rules book which I'm translation to A5 paper for a handy tabletop player's reference.
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