# 1/22/2014 SCRUM Meeting Notes

## News

* I set up a staging site at staging-odin-project.herokuapp.com
* I recently started stubbing out the courses that haven't been completed yet.  Most recent changes are in staging.
* The tracker has been filled out further and "releases" added

## Review

* Busy week!
* Did the "Closing Site-Wide Flash Notification Message" story review, accepted the story, and checked out the code diff on github (https://github.com/TheOdinProject/theodinproject/compare/admin-flash).  Only need to do an analytics task and refactoring before pushing the feature live.
* Did code review for Afshin's pull request on the "Sort Students Index by Last Active Date" story and accepted the story.
* Showed that Erik finished the "Furlough Scheduler" story by removing any mentions and links to the scheduler tool.  The change is in production now.

## Check-ins

* Couldn't check in on the "Rails 4 / Ruby 2 Upgrade" story because Joe wasn't here. No progress seems to have been made on it in the last week.  
* Went over workflow to prevent conflicts with stories -- when you take on a story, click "start" so you own it.
* Suggested workflows to manage the difference between epic-level stuff and story-level stuff.  Erik will put these notes into a separate document so people have a definite workflow to fall back on.
* Went over the difference in Pivotal tracker between a story related to an epic (purple tag) and a solo story (green tag(s)).  Epic stories can also include green tags.  This is important to note because stories linked to an epic will have their spec and mockup documents attached to the epic (see the workflow document Erik will produce for details)
* A helpful website was mentioned -- browsershots.org -- for testing multiple browsers on your website.
* The new epic will begin shortly -- "progress-tracking" -- and we'll have an inception meeting for it on Friday 1/24
* A call for volunteers on bug reports and solo/cowboy stories was met with crickets (except Josh who volunteered to do the blog post)

## Decisions

* Decided: Make an end-of-feature blog post a part of the workflow, going over what the feature was, how it was implemented, and lessons learned.
* Decided: Add a link to the Github commit marking the end of each story to that story's comments so people can follow its progress later
* Decided: Put Google documents in each story to handle that particular story's To-Do list and a running log of our progress/thoughts/strategies
* NOT Decided: Who should check off the checkboxes for each "Task" that makes up the acceptance criteria for a story?  Currently Erik does it as the Product Manager but it might be more fun to have the developers do it when they feel they have accomplished each task (then Erik would just go over them again when the story has been delivered)

## Calls for Help

* DEVELOPERS who might be interested in mentoring for the project just a couple hours a week or month or one-off.  
* DESIGNERS who might be interested in taking a look at either individual features or larger project design.
* ANYONE who has a location where we might do some in-person meetups in San Francisco (near BART, weekday evening)

## TO-DO

* Erik: Figure out the right workflow for adding links to the code for completed stories (e.g. diffs)
* Erik: Start creating a Testing Rails lesson in the Rails course to act as the repo for testing knowledge.  Encourage everyone to contribute.
* Erik: Write down the story ownership workflow (if you're working on a story, click "start" to own it so no one else works on it and they know to contact you)
* Erik: Write down the full workflow for a solo story, chore, or bug (including Git branchings and ownership)
* Erik: Write down the full Epic-to-Story workflow (including Git branchings)
* Erik: Taking on the "Analytics: Admin Flash Close" story (tomorrow)
* Erik: Taking on the "Refactor Admin Flash Code" story (tomorrow)
* Erik: start thinking about an onboarding video for new members
* Josh: Taking on the "Blog: Admin Flash" story (due Monday)
* Tracy: Getting in touch with Joe about the Rails 4 fork and/or looking at tackling one of the bug stories

## For Next Meeting

* Up for vote: Keep coding sessions public (recorded) or switch to just recording SCRUMS and group meetings like Inceptions (for new epics) while adding more code review so observers can follow progress?
* Show the new workflow documentation for story owners, epics, and cowboy stories
* What's the status of the Rails 4 fork??
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