# 1/8/2014 SCRUM Meeting (see Action Items below!)

## Notes/Takeaways:

* We are a soon-to-be well-oiled machine.  For now, lots of rust shaking off :)

* We'll start using more formal specs for each story.  We can use Google Docs to spec out the story, write the plan-of-attack/pseudocode, then track issues and updates as we develop it.  These will be attached to 

* We'll keep pairing using Nitrous (and Afshin's code for the AdminFlash story) and Hangouts.  Issues we had before should be getting easier and easier to resolve.

* NOTE: I've been using "Feature" and "story" interchangeably when talking about the Admin Flash story.  This isn't really correct -- a feature is the whole thing, while it is made up of potentially many stories.  The fact that this "story" can be called a full "feature" is a tipoff that it should be broken up.  I'll (erik) do that.

* DESIGNERS -- Are there any designers possibly interested in participating in the new feature development?  Contact me at erik at theodinproject dot com.

## Action Items:

### Everyone:

* Sign up to "follow the story" by clicking the box in the story if you want updates on Pivotal Tracker

* Submit your availability to the scheduling tool on the website at http://theodinproject.com/scheduler (make sure you've added "theodinproject.com" to your list of projects under "preferences").  We'll see how people's availability stacks up and check in it at the next SCRUM about whether this is working or not.

### Coders:

* If you want to work on a story and get other people to work with you (like we've been doing), just create a Google Event in the Community by scheduling a Hangout on Air for it (make sure to "invite" Team Odin so it shows up in our community).

* If you want to take the lead and code on a new story on your own (please only do so on the stories in the current iteration or backlog with 1 point or 0 points), click "start" on that story and it will make you the owner.  You can fork the repo, code the story (make sure to write tests first) then submit a pull request.  We'll do code review at the next meeting.

### Erik:

* Create a YouTube channel to hold the videos from our meetings and pairing sessions

* Upload some more mockups for future features to the tracker

* Break up the AdminFlash story into several stories (it's bloated).
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