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Level Advancement - Trying to Find the Right Pace

Keg Tapped by Erik Tenkar

Well, the new ACKS campaign seems to be off to a strong start. Two sessions down, and I think the PCs have a chance to hit level 2 upon completion of the third session.

Assuming they level every third session (we skip one Saturday a month) and assuming the campaign remains vibrant, we could be looking at a game that covers all levels of play in about 12 months.

I have no idea if the leveling will stay at the same rate. As it is, In addition to the usual expo for overcoming adversaries and treasure looted, I'm also awarding expo for completing adventures, minor expo for successful proficiency use and a 10% bonus for completing weekly adventure logs at the Obsidian Portal site. All that, and the third session should allow them to hit level 2. It isn't guaranteed.

A level a month of mostly weekly gaming sounds about right to me, I just hope it fits with my players' expectations too.

When it comes to OSR style gaming, what is the rate of advancement in your campaigns?

(I'm avoiding 3x and 4e, as they are their own beasts, especially with the rate of advancement)

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I haven't played an OSR game, just OS games.
In AD&D 2nd edition we just went by the book. Leveling started off very quick, with players sometimes hitting two levels in one session. Then things would slow down. By about level 7 or 8 it would go months of playing at least 6 hours once a week before someone would level up.

Dragonlance was different and better (in my opinion) because you got XP for doing what your class was good at. Theives got XP for finding gold, Fighters for killing things, Mages for casting spells etc. I remember leving being at least twice as quick as vanilla AD&D.
I use the 1 gp = 1 xp and 1 monster HD = 100 xp. In the beginning, levels go very fast, sometimes a full level in one session. The higher level you get, the more it slows down.

If you want 1 level per month, I'd recommend just doing away with xp and give one level per month (or every 3-4 sessions played, if you have people that sometimes don't show up and want to be fair to those that do.).
Leveling up is entirely dependent on how committed the players are to getting things done.
this reminds me, I have at least one session report to write. Shame James is pretty much illiterate.
heh - he can dictate ;)

wait, he's not retarded. just not extremely well written
not retarded, but as I recall at his Int he probably knows his letters and some simple words. I'm okay with him being a tactical savant (narrow expertise, beyond what his Int suggests) but he won't be writing long reports. I'm thinking of writing them up as more of an oral thing, telling people what happened.
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