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On my first visit to Antelope Canyon I was determined to try and find a different view in this amazing and iconic location. As I came around a corner this woman of stone appeared to just jumped out of the wall. I suppose she is one of the guardians of this world where stone and light dance together. This week I'm heading back down her way again to see what else she and the surrounding desert have to share.
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Some people think deserts are lonely, but those of us who've spent much time there know otherwise. Here's the proof.
Very cool. A nose, lip and chin are quite distinct.
She is fantastic, Eric! Great seeing, as always. Your compositions are always inspiring.
Without first reading your words +Erik Stensland , I immediately saw a woman's face with her hair! Very good Erik! That spot is amazing.
Thanks folks! It was a fun find. I'm always finding faces in the desert. I think when I get back I'll start a new gallery of desert faces.

+Julie Rorden, I completely agree. The deserts may seem like lonely places but if you are still there is so much to see, hear and experience. I find that a week in the desert helps me return to the mountains as a better photographer and also a better person.
awesome shot man........ where it is............
Spectacular! You really DID get an unusual Antelope Canyon shot!
it is one of the most beautiful & wonderful creation in the world I have ever seen, so attractive & so strong view
Super Shot, 1 st phote looked like it was kind Of Nippy there!,LOL,, As John asked, Where is that! Great Minds think alike!!!!!!!!,, Thanks,Jack
I would BE ALSO!!!!! Thanks for sharing!,,Jack
It's amazing, the patterns we can see in random things. I love the mythology of this picture. I hope to one day go there and see for myself, this beautiful Antelope Canyon.
kp Deco
This is amazing.
this is very minor thing but i appriciate your imagination
I visited there about 1 1/2 years ago, and it is one of the most mind-blowing places in the world. There are so many beautiful photos to be taken around every corner...
Joe M
I was there!!!!
Just imagine what others wonders are still left to discover.
looks like a side profile of a person with prominent nose! looks like an art for me.
Sweet shot...and I am guessing the light was only like this for a short time......damn this is nice!
you're a photographer AND a poet. That was beautiful. For once I am pleased that "Hot on Google" foisted a post onto my wall :-)
What incredible vision you have! I imagine another part of the say when the light was a bit different you may not have seen it. Thanks for sharing her!
@Erik: I am doing some Native American art lecturing in Detroit. May I use this photo--I'll give you credit of course. It is for educational purposes only. Thanks.
Looks as if there is another face the other way round ,two faces back to back.impressive!!!!!
amazing...but do I see the original native version of the 'happy' face or 'smile/have a nice day' face there on the orangish rock wall near her nose? Like a stone or earthen Rorschach !
woah............. now thats cool
+Johan Westenburg, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't heard of that book but it sounds very interesting. I'll plan on getting a copy. Thanks!
+Samia Elsaid, I haven't seen the other face yet but I'm looking for it. :-)
thats a really cool pic, did u take it?
Amazing!! dual images in the stone, beautiful!!!!
I looks like a girl with her hair blown by the wind behind her.

This is where Salvidore Dahli was conceived.
i was there it was awesome
I have no idea what I'm looking at....
Pareidolia, but nice photo anyway!
i thought that was your shadow or someting,then i read the description.anyway,SO PRETTY:)
thats art at its best--creativity
Wow, 500 likes and 99 shares. I'm thrilled that everyone enjoyed this image. Thanks everyone!
i was there like a boss. this is not edited thats exactly what it looks like
amazing Antelope Canyon! Been there too...the power of nature!
One with God "Difficulties are the salt of the life "do make difficulties pass through you man you are good as good as the proofs.
such a great gift to see from life and the guardians of life and nature all around us , thank you for sharing....
That is breath taking. I'm praying I can go to the desert someday.
Great photos. The landscapes here can be awsome. I've been impressed by them since my firod trip xcountry in '75.
i just came back from the grand canyon, i tried to get to antelope canyon to but only got to bucksin gulch...... i wish i could've seen antelope canyon though.
that is freaking i never seen any thing like it
Beautiful profiles of the sandy desert!!!....
like a face~ so beautiful~
Hi whats thats pic meaning;its an image that it doesn't show its shape in form,but its simply like image like human cool..
What Eann Mok say it looks like a face and waves :)
It looks like a face with wind blown hair (;
Awesome visual you created for me with your description along side the photo. Thanks for sharing - great photo!
Awesome. A nice sensation^^
I love this canyon! I have taken some amazing photos in there, but never came up on this view....beautiful.
beautiful and interesting picture
abstract my favorites they say so much, open minds!
This stone is very strange, can u give me some photos
Kk Lo
nice shot !i looks like a girl has long hair.:)
Hinkelstein Mein Name hier,die Frau die geformt von Farben der Wahrheit in sich und jedem draußen verkündet die Loreley
رائعه من خلق الله ولا يوجد مدبر لهذا الكون ولا ولي ألا الله عز وجل، فانتبه كي لا تقعي في الشرك
وهذ يزيد ايماننا بالقدير سبحانه وتعالى انه على كل شيىء قدير
God never ceases to amaze us! We are still finding beauty from the things he created in one day :)
Muy bonito trabajo, espectaculares las fotos.
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