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Hey folks, can anyone point me to a decent chip that might be compatible with FastLED and just does basic TTL PWM?  I want to control some big non-addressable RGB strips as separate channels and would really prefer to just drive them with some power mosfets, but I'm having a hard time finding a decent option.

I know that 595s were supported in the past, and I could always roll my own PWM loop or use an old version of FastLED, but it sure would be nice to have something drive my PWM for me.

Somehow I can't seem to find datasheets on all of the currently supported chipsets, and I'm slowly drifting out of my depth trying to determine a good option, so if anyone can point me in the right direction it would help me out a lot.

So I know I never post on G+ (I do lurk though), but here's the deal.  My employer is looking to double our staff in really short order, like now.  We have a huge opportunity that needs a lot more boots on the ground immediately.

If you or anyone you know has experience in ANYTHING to do with online gaming, meaning programming, unix/linux administration, software engineering, database administration, art, design, etc., etc., send me a message!  It's a small video game studio in Orange County California and it's about the most ridiculously amazing place to work ever.

And I get a kickback if they hire you, so make sure to send it through me!  :P

I think I am in love with CSS gradients.

I start off frustrated every time I look up how to do something and find that the only hits are Youtube videos.  I prefer to just glance at some written instructions quickly rather than sit still for a 10-minute video.

Then It occurred to me that if the only instructions on how to do something are videos, it's probably something simple enough that I can figure out on my own without a stranger's help.

Oh look.  The latest version of GIMP is native Mac and doesn't require an X server.  And it's been like that since August?  I need to keep up.

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Happy 10th Birthday Max (TV-MA)

(warning: contains NSFW stuff and Game of Thrones spoilers)

I haven't really been on G+ in about a year, but I listened to a recent TWiT where they were talking about a bunch of the great new features, especially the photo stuff.

Also, [insert complaint about facebook here].

Every time I learn another basic vi command, I giggle like a toddler who got a new puppy.

Perhaps some day I should take the time to learn how to use it properly. It's only been 15 years.

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I just learned about this. You can install it as middleware on a django server and if you're an administrative user or coming from an authorized IP address (I'm using and coming in over an SSH tunnel), it will report on query time and stack traces for all of the SQL queries made by the django ORM, and lets you run SELECT EXPLAINs on them.

It also extends so you can instantiate queries in real time and see how the SQL changes.

It's in ubuntu's universe repository (apt-get install python-django-debug-toolbar), and has already helped me figure out why my server started swapping out when I visited a certain page. Wheee!

And all of my domains are finally off of Go Daddy. Woot.
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