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Erik Stafford
No account drifter turned marketing genius.
No account drifter turned marketing genius.


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See you in 30 minutes!
Ep 21: We are excited to have +Michael King join our regular Tuesday   #isoosichat  on April 15th with roundtable regulars +Ammon Johns+Bill Slawski, +Carlos Fernandes and +Erik Stafford

Understanding the target audience has always been a key element to successful marketing, however many businesses often forget the importance of it in their online activities.

Irrespective of the channel - search, social, video, email - and the content by which you aim to attract them to your offerings, understanding  your target market mix is crucial for success.

In this hangout we'll discuss with Mike the subject of online personas and methodologies he has used over the years to help him use these to great effect.

We'll discuss the use of user demographic tools and analysis to help build up more accurate data driven representations of market segments... and the ideal customer avatar for your business.

Why is this so important? If you know your audience, you then can tailor the content and user experience to suit and subsequently improve the rate of conversion. 

Using data to build clear images of segments and personas can transform  your online presence considerably. Not only in terms of reaching the audience more effectively...  but also how you communicate to them when they're "in front" of you.

Personalizing the experience, building the trust and improving the chance to persuade and convert!

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As Dr Seuss would say, “I know it’s wet and the sun is not sunny… But we can still have lots of fun that is funny!”

Join us today at 3:00pm EST (12:00 noon PST) for another awesome #ISOOSI Hangout. Our guest today is persuasion and conversion expert Dan Thies. Dan is widely regarded as an SEO expert, and is the author of the Search Engine Optimization Fast Start, among other things :-)

We will be discussing the little things that make your web marketing more effective.

Join us on Google Hangouts by clicking this link here:

Hope yo see you all there!
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