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Erik Schulz
Graphics algorithm explorations.
Graphics algorithm explorations.

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I'm so excited now. This is exactly what I wanted from single player DOOM. Nightmare difficulty all the way. I can't do ultra nightmare mode though (single life).

The combat looks awesome and they added lots of settings. E.g you can turn off glory kills, HUD, etc

Also, no reloading. This is DOOM!!!

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I'm really excited to see what indie devs do with AR.  I've been working on HoloLens for two years now and it's hard to be creative when you are so close to the APIs.

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I was excited about #DOOM before but this video gave me goosebumps.

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This is awesome.  I'm going all in now.

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More relevant news, a better free version of Visual Studio.

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.NET is now open source.

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Oh ya!

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SimCity has always been one of my favorite game franchises.  I loved playing the originals growing up and I think it will be a lot of fun creating my own, so here I go!  I'm trying to keep the scope really small with this, so no elaborate feature plan, just three steps to start.

weekend 1) Render colored buildings and roads.   /check I just did this over the weekend.  400 lines of code so far.
weekend 2) Add a simple simulation for RCI.  
weekend 3) Make some UI to allow real time play.
weekend 4) Cool, I have a little game.  What should I do with it next?

Work has been crazy busy so my personal big project is on hold.  I started this little game so I could spend more time enjoying what I love, programming.

Knowledge acquired so far on project.
- Building and using SharpDX
- Supporting real time window resize in DirectX
- Enabling / Disabling alt-enter support
- DirectX object cleanup through IDisposable

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I find it useful to view 3D algorithms in 2D.

Below I made a QuadTreee to help me visualize in 2D, my 3D Octree algorithms.  The circle is distance from a point, which will be useful for loading the world around a player.  I also have an arc of a circle which will be useful for the players view.  The goal is to load and draw only what is white.  Red is the boundary condition which should also be drawn.  Green is outside of the boundary. 

Both of these algorithms support stopping at a specific depth in the tree.  Going down to the pixel level would not be efficient and a little overdraw is ok.

I had to make a custom memory pool in order to get my frame time below a millisecond.  std::vector can be horribly slow when misused like anything else.  The entire tree is reset every frame.  This makes for a quick memory cleanup time of O(1).

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This is a really great talk on game design.  He spends a lot of time talking about the Sims.
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