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Two new kinds of #AutoAwesome: Twinkle and Snow

Just in time for the holidays, we’re rolling out two new ways to make your Google+ photos more awesome, automatically:

1) Twinkle: upload a new photo of something that sparkles (like a Christmas tree or a chandelier), and we'll gift you a version with lights that actually twinkle.

2) Snow: upload a new photo with snow to Google+, and we'll gift you a version with snow that’s actually falling.

In both cases, you'll get a notification when your #AutoAwesome image is ready. We hope these features help you celebrate the ‘wonder’ in winter wonderland! #googleplusupdate
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What if I take a picture of a giant twinkly thing in the snow?
Great question, +TJ Pawlak! LOL I guess we'll just have to find out ourselves. =D
Can not wait to try it!!  Wish I were at 1 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC right now!
I wish these new #autoawesome features would go through the thousands of pictures I've already uploaded :-(
I'm pretty sure this only applies to freshly uploaded pictures, +Ishaan Garg.
+Mark Dodsworth I've gotten gifs and compilations of photos I uploaded way before Auto Awesome was a thing...maybe it's just taking a while to get to yours?
Awesome feature. Google+ is getting better and better!
The twinkle feature is awesome. Algorithms will rule the world. 
And everyone ran back to Lightroom looking for pictures of christmas trees and snow to upload.  At least I did!
So it wont do it to any photo? just one that has shine or snow? 
What if it doesn't snow in your part of the world? Thanks for ruining Christmas for me... :(
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
It's a pity. The snow feature does not work with my beautiful desert scene photo. %-)
I tried it yesterday with a snow picture. It's pretty cool. :D
I wish there was a way to have #AutoAwesome  go back and do this stuff to my current photo library.  :( 
I just uploaded a snow photo taken a couple of weeks ago. Do I have to tag it with something in order for the snow effect to take place?

Update: Never mind. I see it detected the snow in the photo and added the effect!!
I re-uploaded some Christmas tree pics and they didn't get Awesome'd.  I then took a picture of the screen of one of those pics with my cell phone and it was almost instantly Awesome'd with the twinkle effect.

So unfortunately it seems this only gets applied to mobile uploads.  :(
good morning baby

Le 06/12/2013, Marie Cadoret
I wish sand looked like snow. I uploaded a beach scene hoping I could fool auto-awesome but didn't work.
How long does it take before you get the notification?
I uploaded a photo with snow and so far nothing has happened :(
Take away the 'auto' part and offer it as an optional effect on photos. Like this it is very user unfriendly and I am already getting annoyed by all those animated gifs in my stream.
That's awesome. But the snow feature is sort of ignoring that the southern hemisphere and tropics don't experience snow in the holiday season. Perhaps an algorithm tweak for sun shimmer effect off background waves as most spend time at the beach. 
Does it have to upload to (Public) or any group?  Just uploaded one with snow on ground but no effect on it :(
Hasn't worked for me, and I've tried every suggestion I've heard. 
love it!
... but bah humbug, what about us without snow? :)
htc one m7 is not working why? jajj
Can someone explain to me how that auto awesome works, especially the snow part? Is it done automatically once I upload the picture to Google+? I read that you have to shake your device (I'm using a Nexus 4) but I did not understand when I have to do that.
+Eran Murat Me too, I just updated the G+ app on my nexus 10 and shook it so many times till it about to fall of from my hand.
+Balajee Ks I got it to work eventually, I just downloaded the apk file from Android police. The strange thing was that I already had the updated Google+ which I updated from the Play store itself, but only after installing the apk did I make it work.
I just got a photo of a duvet auto awesome'd with snow flakes ;)) yet my Christmas tree is still waiting :D
I can't do this on my phone, why? I already using 4.2.4.
Sorry but I'm trying to turn it off right now. Uploaded photo of a tropical bird, got snow. F'yeah...
Oh that made the snow on my original christmas card almost innoticible but I like it a lot :]
at first I thought a good hacker was doing it - how can we keep getting the autoawsome link to use in the future???
How long does it take for them to get to your photo? I just uploaded one single photo of my family with lights in the background which I would like to twinkle.
I love Google auto awesome!! Totally love it. It's fun, whimsical, different. I would like to share on messaging, but have to go to Viber or gmail to share.
I turned it off but can't seem to get it off existing photos. What a crappy idea!
can I do it manually? If yes then how?
Please send directions as how to use **#AutoAwesome**. Twinkle, Thank you,
Katie Griffin
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