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Erik Miller
Ambitious, Trendy, Personable gentleman who has a passion for life and the adventures it brings.
Ambitious, Trendy, Personable gentleman who has a passion for life and the adventures it brings.

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Many believed that Traditional Media and Social Media are distinct and opposite media forms.  Traditional media is said to be TV, radio, and newspapers, while social media are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.  But I think this is a mistaken distinction: traditional and social are not opposite adjectives.

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Beautiful Views from the Eagle Rock Sanctuary located in Applecross Scotland
Eagle Rock Sanctuary - Outside Views
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For those who dabble with #PPC   via #Google, take note:
"...Because of this high level of non-viewability, several efforts are underway to move from a payment system based on impressions, to one based on viewability."

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Great advice to help those with a dusty, dated, LinkedIn profile to get you back into the game. Simple, easy to follow suggested tips to get your LinkedIn profile shining.

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Brilliant Campaign from UPS in America. This brand was able to connect with their audience emotionally, with a relevant powerful story. Well done ‪#‎UPS‬

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Made some new changes to my personal professional website.
#digitalmarketer   #professionalpersonalwebsite   #seopractitioner   #ppcpractioner  

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very helpful article on the FB algorithm
When a platform's technology is beyond your control, how do you adapt your business strategy to keep up?


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My first attempt making an inforgraphic
How Promotional Products Work for Your Business
Have you or your
company considered using promotional products and or materials to help boost
awareness of your venture? Promotional
Marketing is a common strategy but most businesses do not often implement their strategy effectively. Promotional Product Ca...

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10 Changes to the Facebook Page Layout: What Marketers Need to Know
By +Mike Gingerich 

Have you noticed some big changes in your Facebook Page layout?

Do you know where to find everything?

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a new design for Facebook Pages. It took a while to roll out, but most Page admins had it by June.

In this article you’ll discover 10 changes to your Facebook Page layout.   -Kim

#facebookmarketing   #socialmediatips  
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