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And where was Bernie?

Notice how no one is outraged or talking about how Obama's Supreme Court nominee isn't being processed in the Senate?

Watching Bernie supporters confuse audit guidelines with laws is going to be fun. 

So threats of violence and death at the Nevada Dem Convention. Sanders? Not condemning a thing. Seems OK with it. Maybe that's why so many democrats have a problem with him. 

This political season, I'm watching Millennials make the same damn mistakes that GenX made, that Baby Boomers made, etc.

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This is beyond fascinating and a worthy read. These questions are certainly of interest and worthy to ask yet will likely never be as the media has given Bernie much of a pass. 

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Reality check incoming...

High turnout and Clinton wins, which has been a pattern. But I'm sure Bernie disciples will come in here and tell us it isn't voters that got Clinton the win, but dirty tricks that did. 

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