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From my parents, in honor of World IPv6 Launch (vegan brownies).

Mmmm...tasty IPv6...
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+Stephen Shankland: Shouldn't be a problem, thanks for asking. Needless to say, I "allocated some IPv6 space" last night. :)

So far so good for me today, by the way. Though for awhile YouTube was showing as IPv4 when I peeked with the IPvFoo extension. It's back to IPv6 now. More bafflingly, I got different answers on IPv4 vs IPv6 for various sites using the equivalent IPvFox Firefox extension. Can you explain why that might happen? Is it browser-specific somewhere? Some DNS precaching something or other?

Thanks!  =)

WRT to varying IPv4/IPv6 connectivity, it could very well be due to "Happy Eyeballs" behavior, which can sneak in from a few different places.  Chrome and Firefox both have Happy Eyeballs implementations, of slightly differing types.  Furthermore, if you're using MacOS X 10.7 the browsers may also be seeing the effects of MacOS's Happy Eyeballs implementation, if they're using the native network connection interface (see also

Also, to answer something I didn't quite answer on the hangout: I think the number one thing that end users can do is (1) contact their ISP and ask when they will start supporting IPv6 and (2) ask them for a list of IPv6-capable home networking gear they've tested (in some cases users may need both a new home gateway and a new modem device, e.g. DOCSIS 3.0).
That is super adorable. Go Erik's parents! (And Erik too :-)
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