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'Vikings' may be devoting too much time and energy to its love triangles, and risks replacing gritty drama with soap opera.
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Suddenly February and March look like very busy months for vidya games.
Nintendo's second big mobile game is free-to-play and it's coming to Android devices before Apple.
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It's just unbelievable that grown people act this way.
Valve doesn't look kindly on developers who break the rules.
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I would have preferred that the Wii U's second-screen gaming was a part of the Switch's various modes of play. Alas, Nintendo has abandoned it entirely.
Second-screen gaming dies with the Wii U instead of becoming a fourth mode on the Nintendo Switch.
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+Erik Kain I know what you mean, I can stream to my TV too. I'm guessing you mostly stream video content to your TV. The difference is that smart view (or chromecast) is only suitable for video content. Have you ever tried streaming a game to your TV from your phone? I have and it was crappy. The framerate is too low. The Wii U gamepad only worked because the screen was small. Games ran on it at 480p. I suppose Nintendo could've made a device that streamed to the TV, but it would've been blurry.

I suppose they could've done a reverse-PS4 to PS Vita type of thing. As in, the dock would be able to connect to wifi on it'd own and be able to stream from the handheld.
I doubt you could do anything too intense though. I think using the gamepad as a map would be the best you could do. It couldn't render good graphics to another device this way.

Or they COULD have made a long cord to plug in to the switch. Actually I think this is the best option. It could probably still run things like the active map from Splatoon.
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Lots of new game trailers for the Nintendo Switch. Mario and Zelda look outstanding. So does Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
All the video game trailers from last night's Nintendo Switch announcement in one handy list.
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Last chance before launch. If you haven't played it yet, you might as well this weekend.
Prepare to die: A final 'Nioh' demo lands this weekend.
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In which I discuss my concerns and hopes for the Nintendo Switch. 
The Nintendo Switch could be an amazing new console, but some of its features have us worried.
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TONS of new Fire Emblem games coming, including a new core game on the Switch! The 'Fire Emblem Heroes' game looks alright too.
'Fire Emblem Heroes' is coming to mobile, while both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch have new games in the series as well.
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I'm not happy about a 32GB internal storage, but I do think the SD cards make this much less of a big deal.
The Nintendo Switch may not come with very much on-board storage but at least it's easy to expand.
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All the details from last night's Nintendo Switch reveal so you don't have to sit through it.
A comprehensive look at the Nintendo Switch, from price to release date to specs.
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Video game and TV writer at Forbes. Sometimes I make YouTube videos.
I'm a freelance writer and blogger.  I write about technology, nerd culture, craft beer, music and economics at Forbes and about politics and political philosophy at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.
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