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Erik Deckers
Professional blogger, public speaker, book author, humor writer
Professional blogger, public speaker, book author, humor writer

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I'm trying to reacquaint myself with Google+. I heard it was dying, so I sort of abandoned it, only to find out rumors of its demise were greatly exaggerated, and I need to write about it for the new 3rd edition of Branding Yourself.

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My New Ken Doll Ideas for Mattel
Barbie's erstwhile, if anatomically challenged, companion Kenneth (Ken) Carson is finally getting a makeover. After Barbie has been redesigned and reimagined dozens of times over the last 58 years, Mattel has released 15 different variations of Ken, in all ...

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On the Eighth Day there was Breakfast
Occasionally I'll accept guest posts from friends and fellow humor writers. This guest humor piece is from my friend, Randy Clark, who is branching out from his normal business writing into creative nonfiction and humor. I'm pleased to share this story with...

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Toilet Paper Prank Sinks High School Kid's Graduation
I was your normal, average kid growing up in normal, average Muncie, Indiana. I wasn't a goody two-shoes, but I wasn't a troublemaker either. Oh, sure, I was obnoxious, but show me a teenage boy who isn't. Usually, when I got in trouble, it was over somethi...

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Letter to my 16 Year Old Self
Dear Young Erik, It's probably pretty weird to be hearing from your adult self. If you're reading this, it either means I'm hallucinating, or that you invented time travel. (If you did, invest in a company called Apple Computers sometime in the next five ye...

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Men's Feelings Get Hurt Over Wonder Woman
Men have become a lot more delicate and precious than I remember when I was growing up. In the '70s and '80s, real men never spoke about their feelings, never shed a tear, and never said a word when something was bothering them. These days, some men get th...

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Missing Out on the 101st Indianapolis 500
I should be in Indianapolis right now, but I'm not. I should just be sitting down to an early lunch, on the 3rd floor of the IMS Media Center, but I'm not. I'm not in Indianapolis this year, for the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500. I'm in Orlando, Flo...

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I Wish My Sandwich Artists Would Listen Better
Would you just listen to me for a minute? I mean actually focus on what I'm saying. Stop what you're doing, look at my face, and watch my mouth make these words. Process them in your brain, consider what I said, and then respond appropriately. That's probab...

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Avocado Toast Destroys the American Dream
Man, Millennials sure love their avocado toast.
 Like, pry it from their cold dead fingers love it. It all started when Tim Gurner, a 35-year-old millionaire real estate developer, told Australia's "60 Minutes," "When I was trying to buy my first home, I wa...

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Karl the Curmudgeon is Proud of His Stupid Salt Shaker
"Hey, Kid, check out my new salt shaker," said Karl, beaming with pride. Where? I looked over the table. We were sitting on his back patio for a Saturday night baseball game — my Reds were taking on his Pirates — and he had laid out a big spread of hot dogs...
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