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Bring back the trolleybus!
A test stretch of electric road, the first in the country, was inaugurated in Sandviken, Sweden, on June 22. The electric road test stretch, located on the E16, makes Sweden one of the only counties anywhere in the world to be actively testing the use of…

Remember when you vote tomorrow, the UK doesn't have a written constitution and a Bill of Rights. Parliament can almost do whatever they want even though the government of the day rarely has the majority of the voters behind it.

The only human rights guarantees that protect you against the whims of Parliament are international treaties, and most of them are European. Some of them still apply if the UK leaves the EU, but some don't and their enforcement will surely be weakened after a Brexit.

(And incidentally if the vote is "leave", don't panic. The Parliament of the UK has so much power that they can do crazy things like ignoring the result of a referendum. It might well happen!)

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If you find the TSA security checks annoying, privacy-invading and even ineffective then instead of just muttering curses under your breath as you shuffle towards the naked-photos-machine, consider supporting Sai financially. It's a great legal way to annoy them, and perhaps force them to take people's rights more seriously in the future!
TSA has finally filed its motion for summary judgment and Vaughn declarations in the FOIA case I filed in March 2014. They justify some thousands of pages of withholdings relating to, among other things, all TSA policy & procedure documents.

They're all on my case page, under updates / pending:
Documents I've gotten so far:

Please let me know if you find anything noteworthy, or if you'd like to collaborate with me on publishing / analyzing any of the documents I've gotten and not yet released.

I have until August 8 to file my opposition & cross-MSJ.

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I gave a keynote talk at GCP NEXT a couple of months ago, and as part of that, I demoed this nice visual explorer that folks at Google built to demonstrate the Cloud Vision API. You get to fly through a point cloud of tens of thousands of images, annotated and clustered automatically by Google's Cloud Vision API. As of today, this demo is now released to the public, so you too can play with it (requires a relatively recent version of Chrome).

You can learn more about the Cloud Vision API, which is now in GA ("General Availability") at

Have fun!

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Nice project, with the emphasis on machine learning rather than clever human-generated algorithms. See also
All these autonomous vehicles are declaring "safe safe safe," working hard to press that one angle. All the engineers are worried, nervous, what happens when these deeply learned deeply programmed routines find themselves or their environments slipping out of the happy path cases. Which makes this a delightful project to finally see, to have public words for: aggressive autonomous car driving, doing power slides. Ahh, it's back to the halcyon days of DARPA Grand Challenge car races, & it looks both like fun and solid, sensible engineering,

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Glad to see people kicking the tires of Dartino!
Still got lots of work to do, but Dartino is getting pretty useful. #dartlang #dartino 

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+Ian Hickson leads us on a tour of Flutter's layered and functional-reactive framework in this tech talk video.

Tour through Flutter's low-level paint APIs up through the layers of abstraction until we reach the material library layer.


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Strongly agreed, code reviews are very important. Could hardly imagine work without them now!

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There is of course a Windows version of the Dart SDK, but it's fun that the Ubuntu version runs on Windows now.
For giggles, I just installed Dart on the latest Windows 10 Insiders build.

You might be thinking... big deal?
I did it using native apt-get, following the Linux installation instructions. No hacks. No BS. Worked like a charm.

Blog post incoming!
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