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Erick Mertz
Creator of original story content. Able to make things up real well.
Creator of original story content. Able to make things up real well.

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Check out the debut of my new featured blog column, "Music For Writers" where I review a few of my favorite albums to write to.

This week it's "At The End Of It All" by Carl Sagan's Ghost a lovely piece of electro-acoustic music that is perfect accompaniment to science and speculative fiction writing.

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When No Doesn't Hurt

Plunging headlong into a  #freelance  occupation, no one bothers to tell you that no is often conveyed in silence. Prospects don't send you articulate emails, explaining why they're not hiring you.

They just stop emailing you. 

Here is a few tidbits of advice I've learned about how to turn all sorts of no responses into something positive.

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Great Lovecraft Fiction Recommendations

Check out this #blog from the #Lovecraft eZine. The venerable Ramsey Campbell offers some cool stories, many in the Del Rey editions of Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos and others, easily available. 

Curious omissions though, The Willows by Algernon Blackwood. Anyone read this one and see anything missing from the list of great cosmic #horror stories?

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Literature & Word Junkies

Stumbled upon this recently, thought it would be of interest. Poems by Mary Oliver, music by Sufjan Stephens. 

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A list of submissions for #horror #fiction #authors.

The Culture Series

I am about to start The Culture series. Does the series have to be read in order of publication?

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Ghostwriting Can Be A Tough Gig...

After ten years in ghostwriting, I've seen, done and heard (mostly) everything. I'm leaving myself open. There is bound to be more.

Check out my most recent blog in which I discuss just some of the ways you can lose that writer for hire gig before you get your foot in the door. 

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Anyone writing, watching or reading #horror  is going to love this little gimmee right here. Free for the taking a, Bandcamp stream of Danny Elfman's Nightbreed Soundtrack. Killer.

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Anyone who has ever done a  #ghostwriting  or "work for hire" job knows that coming up with a fair price is the most difficult aspect. Maybe more difficult than the work itself. Too many people intentionally undercut themselves in order to secure work, or don't know how to fairly value their writing services.

If you're deciding what number to send, or re-thinking your freelance writing price structure, check out my blog first and make sure you've thought of everything.

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Check out this week's installment of Ghostwriting advice. This blog deals with the nasty topic of how to price your work so you don't get left high and dry.
How To Price A Ghostwriting Job

Check out this week's Ghostwriting blog, dealing with the age old question, how much do I charge for my writing?

After ten years of sometimes pricing too high and (more often) too low, I've got a few pointers for writers to consider while struggling with how to price their precious time and words.
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