Article: Dangers to Democracy: Current Problems in Historical Perspective (in German)

The article, "Gefährdungen der Demokratie: Aktuelle Probleme in historischer Sicht" ("Dangers to Democracy: Current Problems in Historical Perspective"; publisher's translation), by Horst Möller (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), appeared in the "Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte" ("Contemporary History Quarterly"; my translation), a German-langage journal (55 [3], July 2007: pp. 379-91).

Quote (publisher's English abstract): "[D]emocracy, the rule of law and parliamentary constitutions are not to be taken for granted, but instead have to be legitimised and reformed time and time again if they are to escape collapse ... Thus the essay is ... a premonitory plea to rapidly and sweepingly engage in the necessary reforms to avert the threatening but often ignored dangers for democracy."
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