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Dear +Tim Schafer : Thank you for bringing back the best video game of all time.  #grimfandango is a true work of art, I'm really excited that this game is finally going to receive the attention it deserves.  It seems like only yesterday that I was helping out on ResidualVM, but it'll still be really nice to load up the official #grimfandangoremastered on my Linux box on Tuesday :)

At a #YTMA   party at #cuboulder , just saw a weird intro ending with a "what did the fox say" rendition.

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The "Pipelight" project has gone public, you can now run Netflix (and other Silverlight-based streaming services) without having to launch a whole browser inside of Wine.  This ends up providing a much smoother streaming experience, so I highly recommend that people try it out.

Last night I pushed another new netflix-desktop (0.8.1), which includes experimental support for Silverlight 5.x (many thanks for figuring this out go to the guys at the "pipelight" project, who are working to make Silverlight run within a native browser).  I'd love to hear back from people on how well this works, so please let me know!  You can experiment with using Silverlight 5.1 by installing the package "wine-silverlight5.1-installer" and launching the browser application like so:
DEPENDENCIES="wine-silverlight5.1-installer" wine-browser

This point release also includes support for the much-requested windowed mode (pass the "--windowed" flag) and paves the way for having Flash/Widevine plugins.  I'll get to adding these plugins as soon as I can, but I wanted to get the Silverlight 5.x support out as soon as possible.

I've pushed a new version of netflix-desktop (0.8.0).  Big features include:
* Support for Firefox 22
* Disabling the screensaver/auto-suspend during operation
* Support for the Finnish "Katsomo" streaming service

I know a lot of people have requested support for newer Firefox versions for some time (to support certain plugins) and this release should finally address that issue.  However, if you continue to have trouble after upgrading then please let me know.

On Friday night I released a new version of "Netflix Desktop" with separate packages for Netflix (netflix-desktop), LOVEFiLM (lovefilm-desktop), and Redbox (redbox-desktop).  With this new setup it is easy for me to create packages to support all sorts of different Silverlight 4.x services, so if you find a service that you'd like me to add then please let me know!

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OMG, +Erich Hoover! You're on OMG! Ubuntu! Hello, 3M+ page views a month, 64,000 Facebook fans, 43,000 Twitter Followers, and some crazy number of Android app users.

Very proud of you :)

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If everyone is so upset with their banks then why aren't they switching to credit unions? Maybe I'm biased since I've been using CUs for a long time, but it seems to me like having members be the "shareholders" is a much more sustainable system.

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Neutrinos might travel faster than light O.O

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