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I have a super specific question about G+ and I am thinking only +Cecily Kellogg and / or +Dali Burgado can help me figure it out- either of you care to join me in a hangout to discuss "closed" circles and their searchability w/ Google? Can't find any answers!
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Thank you for thinking of me, +Erica Voll. I am not too familiar right now with "closed" circles, but I will respond to your email with some ideas given the situation you described.
Basically, I want to know... what's better? Google+ circles, or Facebook groups?

In this case, we want to share communications with a select few people without sharing content beyond the group - which is what facebook groups are all about. Facebook groups are omitted from search engines, but what about content that is "locked" on Google Plus? If both are omitted from search, then I would suggest going with Facebook groups simply because I think that is where our client base is already spending their time.

Similarly, if both are omitted from search, why bother jumping on G+?
Hey Erica! Yes, the only stuff that is searchable on Google is stuff in the PUBLIC stream, not in closed circles. Not only are facebook groups omitted from search, but so are most other elements of Facebook; from what I understand Google has a lot of trouble indexing FB.

I'm not sure, exactly, of the benefits of a closed group on G+. If your folks are here, I think it would be just as beneficial to use this space.
Thanks to you both for taking time to answer my question! Have a great night!
Comes down to what the users are more comfortable using and might already be using. You're welcome.
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