changed her profile photo.

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Erica Swallow changed her profile photo.
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remember that one time when we were supposed to go to russia and I bailed? Oh yeah, thought not.
So is it the case that we can't post stuff on other people's walls—we can only respond to their posts? That kind of makes sense.
weird...I searched for Mashable and your picture came up next to it.
I searched for "How to import google contact groups as google plus" and I got the same, Erica's photo.
so she is show on SERP wow that's great ;) :)
hii dear how r u? u r looking very sweet i have make frndship with u & r u intrested plz call me this no 9930372902 ok by t/c
Regarding showing up on SERPs, Google is implementing a feature where an author's photo appears next to his/her articles in search results. Mashable authors currently show up in SERPs. So, if you search for Mashable, you'll probably see a number of author's photos in the results. :)
hey ,can i make friends with u?i am a Chinese youngster.
send anohter request for friendship.
Branin joe.
gsa gsa
i hope u will not bite me,so cute
Well that's one way to bump up the traffic in g+ (still LMAO at the comments!)
Nice to see you here,............... great pic
Ant K
Hi Erica, are you a blogger? For hire?
Hit me up
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Hello, nice to meet you here ! I'm a Chinese Boy !
me too. nice to meet you here, I'm a indonesian boy
hello you are very pretty
you are so good girl your hear styale
i have no words for explain your beauty.....!!!!!
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hello baby. how are you.
dis is faizan from delhi india
oh she is looking like a biharan
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u are so beautiful. Ill be glad to meet u one day.
nice picture, means you are beautiful
hi wow super look and so beautiful i really like ur face
u  r so preety and beautiful
HI you look so beautiful munawar from pakistan
happy birthday  and best wish to u ^_<
comment vas tu joyeux anniversaire beaucoup de tres bonnes choses pour toi
hi Erica swallow, how are you doing? Really I hope you  & you family are doing well.where do you live? what is you job? how many do you have brothers & sisters do you have? if you response to me I will happy. God bless you! have a good time!
Hi girl you didn't email me why I mean you don't have to but am a Christian and I like to bring people to the LORD JESUS CHRIST so that is why am disturbing you am sorry if you don't like Jesus. 
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