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Bad app, no biscuit.
PSA: 'TwooglePlus' DO NOT USE THIS!!

I just heard of a 'service' called 'TwooglePlus', which will crosspost your tweets over to Google+.

DO NOT USE THIS : Since Google+ has no proper posting API, this service requires you to hand over your actual Google Account password.

I cannot stress what a BAD IDEA this is.

I know how these services are working, since I have seen the code behind all the hacks and scripts that are out there offering these post to Plus-type services.

Sadly, until Google opens up a proper posting API using the standard methods of application control (via OAuth2 etc.) we're going to see a lot more of these kinds of services appearing.

Many people will fall for this, since most people have no idea about security.
Hat tip to +Haja Rasolo for sharing the original site.

A quick search here for TwooglePlus shows that many people have already fallen for it. see :
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Oh joy somewhere I can give my password details to, I dont think so!! Thanks for the warning
So many of us use Google Checkout (I mean... Wallet), so handing over the passwords would be like saying "Hey, take my credit card! Here's the PIN, too!"
Naturally, this won't work if you use Google's more secure 2-step verification system: Using 2-step verification

(though you perhaps you could give them a application-specific password)
I regularly run into Android apps that expect me to turn over my Google password to them. ( +Flud being the most recent). When I complain, they always seem surprised that anyone might have a problem with it.
just did a search on twitter, doesn't appear to be many people using it in the last month, and it's also a while since they tweeted, so hopefully the risk of people being idiots with their passwords is low here. Though, well done looking out for the less mentally able ;)
Do a search for "twoogleplus" here. Become very very sad about the decision making skills of the average person.
...oh dear! People really are that stupid aren't they! No wonder scammers and hackers love the gullible stupid! Probably also a waste of time leaving them messages as I bet they don't login to google most the time and are mainly using G+ as somewhere to broadcast their crap message
Whilst we are on the subject of gullible, can everyone please let me have their bank details. Of course it all in the name of market research ;)
Don't worry, your password will be stored in clear-text on a "secure" server in someone's basement. Very safe.
It's because of services like this that, I suspect, +Vic Gundotra will ultimately be forced to give in and allow a write API. I just hope that when that day comes the G+ team will be able to implement a decent filtering mechanism so that my stream doesn't turn into the same cesspool that my Facebook news feed has become.
who'd want to circle someone who used something like this anyway? having looked at some of the cretins fools that are, none of them appear to do anything on here, and just use it to post tweets here.
And when/if they do allow api posting I'll be uncircling or muting anyone who spams via api apps
+Sean J Connolly You're in Market Research?! Here are my details, whatever I can do to help :-)

Bank: North-Eastern City Credit Union
Account Number: 9875 78942 1045
BSB: 004 71

Hope this can be of help to your campaign!
Is  there anyone who could give me a good alternative for twoogleplus ? Thanks ! 
the only similar things are chrome extensions tho these only work if the computer is on & logged in when post is scheduled. Any service offering to post on your behalf whilst logged out will require your login details.
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