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For my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.
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awesome! hopefully we'll see it soon!
Waiting for approval on the Internet ... that's so 1980's.
Sorry, even though I have an iPad and not an iPhone, I always call iOS apps "iPhone apps". I'm sure its something to do with conditioning.
Nice, that sounds awesome. I was getting tired of using the web app all the time. The scrolling is really awkward due to that big toolbar at the top and I wanted the ability to upload photos directly from my phone.
Not sure, I haven't even used it +Daniel Ionescu. :) My iPad is sitting on its dock collecting dust.
EXCELLENT!! ...says bendrix as he wash rubs his hands like a scheming plotting villain
I don't have any iDevices, but I'm very curious how the iOS version of Google+ will work anyway. Can it do push notifications? How do you deal with not having a Back button? How will notifications show up on pre-iOS5 devices? Etc. 
+Melina M It will probably do what Facebook does and do the pop-over notifications if it has any. As for moving around most of the time iOS apps have back buttons in the top-left of the toolbar at the top.
+Hobie Henning Ah, I see, thank you for explaining it to me. It still seems weird to me that iPhones, which have significantly smaller screens than typical Android phones, would take even more real estate for soft back buttons, but whatever.

I wonder if Apple will process the app submission any faster knowing that Google+ is kind of a big deal. Do they do favoritism like that at all?
+Melina M You're welcome. As for the smaller screen that's not really an issue in terms of navigation. Even though the iPhone is a smaller screen, iOS appears to take better advantage of the screen space that Android does for the most part.

As for App Submission process, its gotten at a lot faster. There appears to be some kind of system in place that bigger devs/bigger apps do get faster updates, which makes sense I suppose. Official Twitter, Facebook, Google+ apps effect a lot more users than a random todo app.
Im not able to share this with the Adroid-App. :-(
You can access Google+ on the iPhone already - with the web app - +DoAT . . It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but its great as a Google+ reader, and another advantage (for those of us in transition), you can read it side by side next to the Facebook and Twitter web apps.
It's about time! Thanks for letting us know! So looking forward to this!
Any word on when we will receive vanity URL's? Because I really want to claim my name. ;-)
Google TV had potential until everyone shut off access. Hopefully if Google is able to buy Hulu that would rectify the situation.
Awesome! The web app is good but not nearly as good as a native app will be I would assume. Can't wait, thanks for the update. 
Cool. Can't wait to test use it! Hope it will be universal too ;-)
Wonderful news. I hope it is approved swiftly!
+Renaud Lepage I don't think so, Huddle seems to me more like an IM kind of thing (I didn't try it cause I don't have an Android phone, so I might be wrong). And there are lots of IM type apps in the App store.

Besides, iMessage is in iOS 5 which is not released yet.
Hope it's epic! I've been using the web app for my iPhone & that works pretty good!
Looking forward to trying it out!
Well, it has to be better than the Google app, which is the worst app on the app store. Hopefully the Google+ app will not be like that.
+Sultanbeyli - Why would Google create a Mac app when the website itself is just fine? However I expect third parties to fill in the gap in the not too distant future.
This is a good news.Waiting!
Why would Google release an iPad app, when they haven't optimized the app for Honeycomb tablets yet?
Hopefully the app enables Hangouts on mobile!
If it's like my Android app, you can do Huddles... No video chats yet.
Hopefully they approve/release it soon.
JP Snow
Can't wait to have the App!!! :D
"according to Google employee Erica Joy who shared the news via her Google Plus account this afternoon."
We regret to inform you your app was rejected
Reason: You're doing social wrong... /steve jobs :P
Is it an official Google App?
Erica, do you happen to know if anybody is working on a Honeycomb version? Lots of excited tablet users out there, it seems.

Oh, and no approval waiting period FTW! ;)
Why not post some preview screenshots?
Any word on when Google will release a Google+ API?
If the Apple approval process is anything like the Google+ invitation approval process, it'll be making a big splash in 2013.
Looking forward to this! :-) I wonder if it'll have the instant upload feature like the Android app? I'm kind of guessing not? Not sure if Apple give you that kind of access to the system...unless you take the photo from within the Google+ app? I don't know :-P
My wife is waiting for it for windows mobile 7 ;)
More or less when the application is ready for IOS Device?
It's already ready. Its waiting for approval from the AppStore.
We want some WP7 love! Or is your MS hate too big for that?
Bevallom, némi irigységgel olvastam, hogy androidra már megjelent. Remélem hamarosan már Apps fiókból is elérhető lesz, mert így most kétlaki életre kényszerölök...
I hope you guys don't forget "URL types" support, so we can "connect" to google+, just like the facebook app does ... a nice SDK and a lot of apps would support it!
Now hitting refresh on the app store every 10 minutes ... ;)
Wonder whether it should be searched using 'google plus' or 'google +'
How are Apple testers going to test it if they don't have an invite :P (kiddin)?! Anyway, I don't expect Apple to approve the app until Google opens the invitations for everyone or at least to a larger group/day.
I want to have an Application were you have all Google stuff in like calender, mail and so on.
Can't wait. I've been checking the app store almost every hour lol
How long does it (usually) take to get approved?
Cuando sera la aceptación por parte de Apple, lo estoy deseando!
does that include a separate version for iPad?
Anyone knows what version of the iOS we would have to have to run Google+ App ? (will it run on 3.1.3?)
+Erica Joy Do you know what version of the iOS I would have to have to run Google+ App on my iPhone? Will it run on iOS 3.1.3?
Is this a universal app or only an app for iPhone and iPod users? can someone clear this big question?????
Show some Google+ love for WP7, you WILL need each and every person subscribing. I'd say even release an app for my Whirpool refrigerator. LOL
I'm still waiting for the app....! Hope they'll release it ASAP! Do you have any kind of information on that? Thanks from Brussels/Belgium
i hope you develop this app on ipad
Now the "coming soon" for the native app field for the iPhone/iPad mobile Google+ app suddenly is missing. Is it just me interpreting too much into a little change on one page or is there really a problem with the app?
Hopefully it is approved soon. Looking forward to it.
:( I want it to be approved already!! I am positive it will be more stable than that POS facebook app. Will the Google + app support the iPad?
Great news! Using the web app is a pain. Awaiting the release, hopefully in a few days.
looking so forward to this. i'm checking the app store on a regular basis to see if it's there :-)
What actually Apple testing on G+ app? Not sure why does it take so much of time to approve!
It's been almost two weeks, and Apple hasn't approved the app yet. Waiting is hard. Can we get some "leaked version" for jailbroken iPhone? ;)
Anything new? I am really looking fwd to it..
Any word yet or do you think the same will happen with what crapple did with approving google voice?, Remember it took over a year
for them to approve that, if they have their way they will sit on their thumbs twirling around and around!
What is the prolem here, competition ? If you have read the Apple developer licens agreement you know that they can refuse any app they want just for the fact that they can....
Really waiting for this. Are there any news regarding the status of the app-inspection?
So ... wondering how long it takes for a high profile, eagerly anticipated app to get approved by Apple ...
** Sigh **
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