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So Paul Ryan descends on this soup kitchen that isn't open, uninvited mind you, then proceeds to head back to the kitchen he doesn't have permission to be in, whereupon he begins washing dishes that aren't dirty.

You can't make this shit up!

"The head of a charity in northeastern Ohio where Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and his family were photographed cleaning dishes over the weekend said Monday that Ryan was not authorized to be on the premises and "did nothing" while there."

"They showed up there and they did not have permission," he said. "They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors." Antag added that Ryan and his family "did nothing" while on the premises."

"Ryan was photographed cleaning "large metal pans that did not appear to be dirty" during a 15-minute visit [...]"

"When Ryan arrived on the site in the early afternoon, the kitchen was clean and the dining area was empty, according to a pool report."
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Brad T
I want to laugh, but then I want to puke.
That has got to be the Gem of the day. Thanks for sharing +Erica Joy, this brightened up my day. :)
Politicians making appearances at place they're not wanted for photo-ops? Next they'll start kissing babies and reading to children! Oh, wait this is politics lol.
thanks for the How did he think that was a good idea
"You can't make this shit up", is right. Lol!
He showed up when it was closed as it would disgust him to mingle with the ordinary people.
How can the  #romneyryan2012 campaign  make such brazen moves and still have high ratings? Is America really that disillusioned with Obama to ignore these insults to intelligence?
 I mean, you bogart your way into a soup kitchen, dish 47% of the population, hide your money in the Caymans, don't explain your tax plan, don't show your taxes until YOU get ready and still run neck-n-neck with Obama. I mean really.....
You mean like running the country. Oof
Janet Wells
I hope the entire republican party gets trounced on in November. Come on everyone, let's make it happen. Get out the vote. Obama Biden 2012!
+Michael Tilton Now, now just because during the last campaign he went on a world tour acting like he was president before he was elected doesn't mean anything. LMAO ;)
he got his photo op. were you expecting him to actually help out?
Total failure, it would of been more convincing if he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt
The schoolboy up to his tricks again... What the hell is biden doing in scranton? This boy needs another whopping.
One thing Republicans and Democrats have in common: doing nothing.
LOL, yeah I got word about Ryan and the soup kitchen from +The Rachel Maddow Show the other night. I was that close to squirming. OH, THE AWKWARDNESS!
Like real men show up early and start working not like you dems remember what work looks like with your fuckin hand out were ever you go fuck obama no jobs to be found he only cares about his commie agenda wake up you fools
Blame should go to his handlers...but I have been in soup lines serving only to have local politicians cut in line to help serve while the cameras are rolling and then leave when the camera stops....SMH !
Our leaders forgot how to roll up their sleeves.  Entitlement will do that to you.  It's not just government either, I see it in major corporations too.  
LOL, quoting the Rachel Maddow Show is like a conservative quoting Rush Limbaugh as a credible news source.  BTW, Biden, the guy who thinks everyone should pay their "fair share" makes 3X more than I do, yet only gave 1.5% to charity.  Come on, Joe!  Don't be so obviously fake!
What does this have anything to do with his Political ability? 
+Larry E , do us a favour and cite the 6 sources Paul Ryan used to justify the Romney tax plan. Cite it say why you'd support such a tax plan if you do. :-)
doesn't this grossly resemble the republican agenda? Fix things that aren't broken, and refuse to fix things that are broken?
alot of stupid comments on here! +jann van Hamersveld, no ones living the american dream now unless they're living on the government. we're all in the poor house now, thanx to the dems!
 if going into a soup kitchen volunteerily & washing dishes is "doing nothing" then someone doesn't understand the meaning of 'helping out', 'volunteering' or 'working'! obviously the one that said he did nothing is and O supporter & part of the 47% that thinks government owes them everything. either way, the man went into the soup kitchen, helped clean their pots, socialized with other 'volunteers' & spoke with some homeless folk (and NO, cameras are not always allowed to film such things as that. everyone doesn't want their homelessness advertised! i know i don't!) so get over yourselves, the man tried to do something decent!! had it been O we would have read how 'great' the first bi-racial president was to go into a soup kitchen (like he'd EVER do that!) & wash a dish.
Doubt Oduma ever washed a dish in his life. Except maybe back in Kenya days. Likely pawned that job off to his brother!
+Jann van hamserveld you are pbviously partisan and lack a sense of common knowledge. Wake up, Obama Is About To Lose!!
Well, he does come from a Do-Nothing Congress!
Guess he's learned a few things from the Obama administration and how to make a cover up look like a video's fault. 
Who would think of that kind of thing...oh yeah all the lyin' cheatin' scumbag politicians that is who...all the same....
Don't forget:  Paul Ryan also claimed to have run a marathon in 2:50 something (when his actual time was 4:01 or so).  What's funny is that 4:01 is a pretty good time for a marathon, so why did he think he had to lie?
Just another piece of Obama propaganda peddled by the liberal media. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Pathetic reporting by defunct CBS news.
+garry baker 47% of the population does rely on government support that is a fact you might see it as some kind of Romney dbag statement but its a fact. And after this most recent debate how do you think Obama is going to win?
+Jann van hamserveld wtf are you kidding me? CBS is possibly the most biased liberal network there is. I mean they were all over George bush and Obama comes in and makes a lot of mistakes and they don't say a word. 
At least he's trying to be productive and helpful unlike his Dem counterpart
CBS is a conservative news outlet (the last time I checked).  But then, they all have their own agendas.  Such as, keep the race close to 50%/50%.
+Jann Van Hamersveld the economy had issues before but under Nobummer it has drastically worsened! we were no where near 8% unemployment before the BO took command. economy has gone down the toilet big time! he wasted trillians on failed stupid junk that HE wanted to do. he's blown far too much of the tax payers money. and i know many that are a part of the 47% expecting to live off the government - no, i'm not one of them, i was flat out told that i couldnt' get assistance since i'm a working white american woman that is trying to keep my head above water & my kids are grown/on their own. i was told by two agencies, if i was hispanic, handicap, retired or had a couple young kids i could get all kinds of help. so some of us that actually do need a little bit of help can't get it. obama has made this country into a welfare state! but not for the actual tax payers, just those that don't want to try. i've always dreamed of having my own business but all my dreams are gone. it's bene the worse 4 yrs of my life!
It is good to know that Paul Ryan has done some good in this world!
@Kevin Moses That's the first time I've heard that idiom.
+Jann Van Hamersveld You really rattled some bat shyt crazy cages. I guess this would be a bad time to bring up to ed & co that romney's family came to America on welfare and ryan's survived on Social Security benefits. I guess those hand outs are "different". 
Wow... Snopes and about a hundred other media outlets have already debunked this article as a lie, along with people who were there, and yet you sick blind Democrats still believe it. 
Points for showing up, I suppose???
Erica Joy
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