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Oh hello new shiny!

Did you get it yet? What do you think so far?
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What I think = on big monitor, everything all on the left is odd.
Don't have it yet. whats the secret? up down up down left right left right b a start?
Any idea as to the method that it's rolling out?
already got it... looks fine, they are making a better user of the space and there is a performance increment... still I would hate it for 2 hours or until I stop caring about...
I did get and its nice...still getting it all customized
I agree with +Amy DangRabbit, it leaves a big empty nothingness in the center with everything pushed to the sides, which is not the most desirable layout ever.
I feel like there is alot of extra space once you start scrolling down the stream!!! I do LOVE tho!
+Eric Hubbel It appeared after I clicked someones profile page. Maybe try clicking my profile page? shrug I make no promises, YMMV.
Everyone feels like there is too much white space because they have been on Facebook without 1 square inch to spare!
哎呦 有新界面了.......我这里还没有看到哦
Have to take note of +Chantz Cassel comments which is valid but since i prefer less and open spaces I like it. It means i can actually focus on what i am reading or watching.
Could be coincidence, but I cleared my cache/history in Chrome, closed the browser, reopened and voila!
+Paul Jewkes, I wouldn't mind if the white space wasn't in the center right where the eyes are most comfortable focusing.
+Xavier Davis Yea its a coincidence...did that and it didnt work. Maybe i should try my mac. Macs get all the cool stuff first. :p
I'm guessing clicking my profile didn't work. Doh well. Patiently wait, I suppose. :(
still waiting for it here :-( i looks great tho
I'd still like it to use more than a third of my screen width for actual content.
Like it. Still playing around, but I like it. WAY BETTER THAN FACEBOOK. WOULD +1 AGAIN.
I love the change! I just realized a benefit to this huge white space too! I have 2 chats open and they fit nicely in that space without overlapping my stream.
I love change, so I'm all about it. Hopefully the fresh design spurs usage amongst my circles.
I take it back. The more I dig around, the easier it's getting to use...
+Jody Gates yup, I had two chats going this AM, got a little lost as the screen kinda blended in, so a little color would help...
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