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Paul Nurse is a geneticist whose family kept a secret from him for 50 years.

Anyone interested in genetics, ancestry, or any combination of both should watch this. It's an important lesson about the "facts" of ones family history and the malleability of those "facts". 
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This was very interesting and should really cause anyone involved in family research to not forget it is a science. Questioning things could open doors.
Thanks for
The link Erica!

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Fascinating, thanks Erica! We have an interesting story in my husband's family as well. One never knows...
I am half through and it is quite interesting and informative..
My wife had to order a copy of her long birth certificate just recently because she only had the short one. I think that's pretty common in the UK, so I reckon there are loads of British folk who haven't actually got any written proof that their parents are who they think they are. (I joked about whether it had the right parents on it when she opened it but fortunately it did!)
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