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What's the best Chrome extension to hide Google+ notifications? I need to be able search without distractions for a while.
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Disable what? Google+? 
You could use an incognito tab, unless you need to be logged in for another reason.
Yep, need to be logged in. I want these searches saved in my web history.
The notifications on the Google search page don't come from a plug-in.
That I have no idea... someone mentioned it a long time ago because they couldn't concentrate. If you want a great extension, it wouldn't hurt to loop in +Mohamed Mansour or +Moritz Tolxdorff to see if they made something
See above comment where I said I need to be logged in.
I did that just before you commented. I still got a notification. Maybe it was too quick, try commenting again.
Don't think there is any control in G+ to stop the red box notifications. 
Reddit Enhancement Suite. There, just made it worse!
Post-it note over that bit of the screen.  I know, I know, low-tech isn't any fun but it gets the job done.
But it's a small box in the bar at the top which immediately moves off-screen if you scroll, no?
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