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A positive update re: +Netflix and Rush Limbaugh.
IMPORTANT UPDATE to yesterday's Netflix post, which was based on a report in the Atlantic magazine: Netflix PR tells me it is not an advertiser. I received this email today:

"Saw your tweets and wanted to let you know Netflix has not purchased and does not purchase advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show. We do buy network radio advertising and have confirmed that two Netflix spots were picked up in error as part of local news breaks during the Rush Limbaugh show. We have instructed our advertising agency to make sure that this error will not happen again."

I'm glad to hear this.
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I love how it's not even specific Limbaugh show advertisers, but every company now saying "whatever you do, make sure my ads don't come up in the rotation during his show!"
So glad freedom of speech is revered in this country. :/
+Douglas Cootey Free speech is revered. Choosing which speech to pay for is also revered. I would defend Rush Limbaugh's right to say whatever stupid things he wants, but I don't want my money going to support hsi saying those things.
Not a troll, Erica. Just disappointed that a bad joke that has been apologized for is still being used to beat the guy. Most of the people complaining don't even listen to him. Ed Shultz used the same word, apologized, and didn't face the same firestorm. It all feels political to me. 
You seem reasonable about it +Tessie L'Amour. And it's perfectly within your right to exercise your freedom of speech this way. I just wonder why an apology doesn't appease the anger out there. 
It isn't a bad joke to smear somebody for three days about their sex life and their slutty behavior and how they had sex in junior high and how they have so many partners that they are lined up around the block.

That's not joking, +Douglas Cootey. That's harassment and abuse.
Imagine that. A political pundit is paying for his decades of trolling through politics...
+Douglas Cootey Ah I thought you were trolling, my mistake.

That said, I personally take issue with more than just the usage of the word "slut". Had it been limited to that, I would have been...not ok with it but more "this is just Rush being a troll", you know?

What I took issue with was the character assassination beyond that. "She has sooooo much sex," uttered repeatedly. Saying her parents shouldn't be proud of her. Saying she should film the sex she has and put it on the internet. He went a little beyond joking and showed how deeply he dislikes women in general.

He let a little of the rotten core that is inside him come through and he's paying for that, as well he should.
See, Sarah Palin is actually a dumb cunt, though. So Bill Maher deserves no rebuke.
Let's bring in real freedom of speech. Music, (really) new age gutter Hip Hop. If them cats can say what they want so can Rush, and I don't like him at all. Truth there is no freedom of speech if you have true follows of your word. See: Rush and Tupac fans.
It's not cool to talk about anybody that way. Sarah Palin may not be my favorite politician, but she is a person, not a "dumb cunt". Sandra Fluke is a person, not a "slut" or "prostitute" or any of the other things.

We all need to work on our civil discourse. Every one of us, including me.
+Thomas Fritts Jr. Does Sandra Fluke accept money for sex? No? Then she is not a prostitute. Did Sarah Palin single handedly lose the election with ignorant comments like "I can see Russia from my front porch!" Yes she did.
+Eric Hansen Of course Sarah Palin didn't single handedly lose the election. John McCain was going down, and everybody knew it, so he picked Sarah Palin in a fairly blatant grab for a boost with the conservative voters. It even worked for a while, but McCain wasn't going to win in any case. Too many people were sick of Bush, and by extension the Republicans. Too many people thought Barack Obama brought something new and hopeful to the table. On top of all that, John McCain was simply not the politician, or man perhaps, that he had been a few years earlier, and he looked old and crabby and like he would do anything to win, including sacrifice his own principles.

For somewhat different reasons, Obama is going to win reelection. Virtually every pundit knows it, and they will all say they knew all along fifteen minutes after he is declared the winner. Even many people who don't much like Obama are going to vote for him, because the options on the Republican side are too weak. Already, pundits are starting to say that the Republicans are likely to lose seats in the House and barely hold on to the Senate seats they have.

Things can change, but don't be fooled by the hype. Sarah Palin wasn't to blame for the loss, she was simply an insufficient reason to overcome McCain's weaknesses and the exhaustion with the Republican party post-Bush.
Look at all those words you typed! :V
You can type all you want. In the time since this thread was started, Rush has lost three more advertisers, up to 36 total. Anyone defending any part of Rush or his ideologies is demonstrably wrong. Have a nice life.
+Eric Hansen I'm not defending Rush. I hate his vile show and horrible antics. It is not defending Rush Limbaugh to say that we all need to be more civil. It's not like if we call others sluts and cunts that we somehow make up for his calling people those things.

Name calling is not attractive or particularly effective, Not when it is Rush Limbaugh, and not when it is you or me.
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