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I wrote some words about choosing happiness and stuff.
Choosing and actively pursuing happiness.
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Glad that you've found the place where you will be happier. Speaking about the previous employer, I would have expected more from the company that tries to pose itself as embracing diversity, after reading this:
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Erica Joy

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Amazon lets anyone create a giveaway of any product (I think?) via their site now. This is a giveaway link with my affiliate code embedded into it:

It's a legitimate giveaway (of one of my favorite coloring books), but I'm only doing this to test whether or not affiliate codes get tracked through the giveaway link.

If yes, that system is just waiting to be gamed. People can post giveaways of cheap things (like this coloring book) and make back the money they spent and then some from all the people who clicked the giveaway link then went on to buy stuff.
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dammit I was too late!
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Erica Joy

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50 shades of grey
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Erica Joy

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Hi to the three of you that are still around. :) I was about to share this on Facebook but figured here was probably a better place for it. So!

Last night I sat in a sold out Orpheum Theater to watch Neil deGrasse Tyson live. It was amazing. He was amazing. I have never seen a more passionate and engaging presentation of science, history, and lulz (MURRICA was copiously littered throughout the presentation, which just really did it for me).

I want more knowledge shoved into my head in that way. I want to watch/listen to/read more lengthy and humorous expositions from people on whatever subject they're TRULY passionate about. IME, usually when people get going about their passions, they become so excited and animated that it's hard not to become engrossed. (I like to think I get this way when talking about genealogy and preserving/digitizing/opening public records.)

Do you know of any videos/lectures/books on any subject where the speaker/author is funny and so passionate about her subject that you can't help but lean forward and take it in with a big smile? If yes, I'd appreciate if you would share them with me. Thanks!

P.S. No need to share the link to the TED Talks site, unless there is a specific, can't miss talk I should watch there (like Brené Brown​'s vulnerability talk,, which I suggest everyone watch 5 times).

P.P.S. Perhaps not so much the dogmatic talks about religious beliefs? I know where to find those. :)
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Sugata Mitra is one speaker I can listen to over and over again. He likes to challenge the status quo in an entertaining and thoughtful way. I dig it. It's especially relevant to me as I have young children, but I find the concepts transcend education just for children. 
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Erica Joy

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I was making a thing today and I named the model for said thing "BaseModel", which made me think of +Chris Sewell.

I felt like that was something important to share here.
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Every human being with right sense of belonging has Basemodel as this determaines live challenges.
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Erica Joy

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Hey so a thing happened that I forgot to put here.

My last day at Google was May 1.

I start at my new job on May 18. I'll share more about that after I start and stuff. I'm pretty excited about it.
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Good for you!
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Erica Joy

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One day +Kirill Grouchnikov will need this.
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Erica Joy

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Are you comfortable with being listened to?
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Erica Joy

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"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept."

I cannot add to what +Paul Cowan has shared. Please read and think about it.
Every day, we read about another woman who has thrown in the towel. A woman who's left her team, or her company, or her industry, fed up with the constant exhaustion of having to continually deal with sexism in the technology industry. And there are doubtlessly many many more who leave silently, without a high-profile exit. How many women (or trans* people, or minority ethnicities, or...) leaving the industry—or worse, never entering it—over this shit are we prepared to tolerate? Even if they don't leave, how many lives are willing to make miserable? How many careers are we willing to stunt through fear, anger, and distress?

I want to make one thing perfectly clear, especially to my fellow white straight cis-males: I'm not OK with this. Not by a very long way. As a manager, I want to make it quite clear that any team under my management will have zero tolerance for sexism, racism and transphobia, in whatever form they come. If I see it, I will call it out. If you want to do it, move elsewhere (ideally out of my company, or even better out of CS altogether). This applies as well for teams, groups, or conferences I participate in, but don't manage: if I see it, I will say it. If it continues, I am done with you and I will do everything in my power to never have to work with you again, at my current or any future company.

I beg all of you to watch, a video made in the face of (yet another) sexual misbehaviour scandal in the Australian army. It is by far one of the most powerful anti-sexism messages ever spoken. I literally have a calendar reminder set to watch this every few months, because it is so powerful and resonates with me so strongly. It's a refreshing reminder of what a powerful anti-sexism message can look like.

Watch it, and if you take nothing else away from David Morrison's speech, take away this: "The standard you walk past is the standard you accept". It doesn't matter if you're not doing it (making the jokes, performing the microaggressions, belittling the contributions); it matters that you allow it to happen. By allowing it to happen, without stepping in, you are giving it your implicit approval, and letting it take root and grow. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

For the managers reading this, remember his followup: "That goes for all of us, but especially those who, by their rank, have a leadership role". As managers, some of us have a unique ability and responsibility. Do not let this fester in your team. If it festers in your team, it spreads, and the whole of your team, your company, and your industry all become lesser places for it.

Don't be silent. We, as individuals and as an industry, need to root this rot out and destroy it. It will take all of us, and I promise to do what I can.

Author's note: this is an edited version of something I posted internally at Google.
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Erica Joy

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Moist pants.
Thanks to +Erica Joy reminding me, I am now the proud owner of

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Then use your common sense, and change them before you get chaffed! 
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Erica Joy

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Do NOT buy a +Nest smoke alarm. They false alarm and are unhushable pieces of crap. Please spread the word.

Watch this horror video of me trying to quiet mine.

You can stop or mute this video if it's annoying, but you cannot stop an actual Nest protect.

This went off in my house all day, annoying my neighbors.

When I got the Android notification that my house was burning down I immediately assumed it was false, since my Nests had already cried wolf before.  I also checked video cameras and saw my house wasn't actually burning down, so I stayed at work. My poor neighbors, though.

Disclaimer: I am a Google employee. I paid for these myself. So I speak as myself.
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+Aaron Kasten I could say that, but I expect it MORE out of Google than anyone else. Google is known for their Always Beta products. It's a running joke in any industry they are in.
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Erica Joy

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If we chat on gchat/Hangouts/Google Talk (using my account), messages sent while I'm offline will NOT be seen later, as I've not upgraded that account to  use Hangouts.

Sooo, if you thought you were messaging me and I was ignoring you, probably not. Those messages have fallen into the deepest, blackest abyss, never to be gazed upon again by the eyes of man or beast.*

*I have no idea where those messages really went, but I like to think there is a vast word soup in a pitch black ocean of nothing somewhere.

(No I am not back using G+, I just wanted to get this message out to everyone, so I'm posting it on All Of The Networks.)

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You probably won't see this comment since you're not actually here, but you might like Jasper Fforde's book series Thursday Next. The text sea is pretty close to what you're describing. 
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