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My grandpa Felipe Lopez, a 92-year-old WW2 veteran, has been talking about his WW2 buddy Nick for years but said he never saw him again after the war.

Our family was determined to find Nick and after hours of internet searches, we found out that Nick passed away in 2003 but we were able to find his 3 daughters.

We are meeting Nick's 3 daughters in person at the WW2 Memorial in Washington D.C. on Saturday, Oct 15. My grandpa is having a tough time walking these days and had a really bad fall last week but is determined to take one more flight. Looking forward to this special moment.

Here is the video of my grandpa talking about Nick and his WW2 experience:

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As Memorial Day approaches this Monday, May 30th, I’d like to share a 3 minute video of my grandpa, Felipe Lopez, a 92-year-old American World War II (WW2) veteran, sharing his personal experience of what it was like on the battlefront in Europe.

I’ve enjoyed hearing my grandpa’s stories over the years and attended a few WW2 reunions with him. I wanted to capture these stories, so over the last couple of years I interviewed my grandpa for over 13 hours. Although his speech is impaired from a stroke, he is still able to share the stories and express his emotions. My friend Janeva Zentz did all the filming/editing and we now have this first 3 minute video (thank you, JZ!).

If you know of any WW2 veterans who are open to sharing their personal experiences during the war, I encourage you to record their stories on this Memorial Day. You can use StoryCorps or film them with a mobile phone and post on YouTube and/or Facebook, etc., if they are OK with that.

Please share these stories with me if you are open to me sharing them on this Facebook page:

More info on my grandpa:
Felipe J. Lopez
Staff Sergeant
86th Blackhawk Division
911th Field Artillery Battalion
B Battery

Felipe will be in the Canoga Park Memorial Day parade this Monday, May 30th, in case anyone is in Los Angeles and wants to go.

#StoriesfromWW2veterans, #WW2veteranStories, #WorldWarII
#veterans, #WW2veterans, #MemorialDay

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Today Google has announced the second class of 24 promising startups (from Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Mexico) joining the Launchpad Accelerator program at Google headquarters in June.

I'm looking forward to working with the 6 startups from Indonesia:
Hijup, Talenta, Jarvis Store, Ruangguru, IDNtimes, Codapay

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Check out Tech in Asia's article about the Indonesia Android Kejar program, which combines online Udacity learning plus offline study groups. Great work, +Andrew Kurniadi​, for being a facilitator for this group! #androidkejar

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Thanks to the U.S. Embassy Singapore for including me in the Women's History Month video profiles.

I'm happy that I was able to share more about the female leader who inspires me most, my Grandpa Kay. She worked from the ages of 19 to 76 (57 years) as an electrical mechanic building planes for Douglas Aircraft. 

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Check out today's Google Asia Pacific blog post for more information on our Launchpad Accelerator program from the 8 Indonesian startups who joined us for batch 1.

Batch 2 in June is now open for sign ups! If you know of advanced startups in Indonesia, please encourage them to sign up. 

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Google has announced a plan to help train 100,000 Indonesian mobile developers by 2020 during the Indonesian President Joko Widodo's visit to our headquarters in California today.

I am excited to be helping with this plan in Indonesia! 

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Check out this video to see what Google is doing to support startups in Indonesia.

We had 13 early stage startups go through our Launchpad Week program last November. #GoogleLaunchpad

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Great to see rugby teams sponsoring kids to play rugby abroad. Check out what the Jakarta Komodos are doing.

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Google Launchpad Week Jakarta - check out the Google APAC blog post on the event. 

#Launchpadweek  #JKT
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