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Dang it Samsung! You had such glory with the Tab PRO 8.4 display with the RGB stripe arrangement. And on the Tab PRO 10.1 you use the nonsense pentile again! Don't like seeing the checkered pattern on a claimed WQXGA display (2,560x1,600).
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Can LCDs have pentile?!! Pls dont post if you're not sure.
All the drawbacks of high PPI with fewer of the benefits
+Sri Harsha yep. They use an RGBW matrix LCD display 

Motorola Atrix (and i think Bionic ) used pentile LCD. Those displays were terrible though
What about the 12.2 version? RGBW too?
I like what Samsung is doing. I also support the pentile display reason being, they last 4 times longer theoretically. Less pixel burn 
+Chester Foster not applicable with Pentile LCD. Even then the whole "last longer" was largely negated with their S-Stripe layout that used a much larger blue subpixel which blue deteriorates fastest.

The reason they went pentile with newer OLED displays is because their process currently maxes out around 350ppi on an RGB matrix so they had to go pentile to get higher resolution (though the subpixel density really isn't much higher). It has the side benefit of double dipping on subpixels so they can market it as 1080p+
That's almost as epic fail as the 4.3 jelly bean update on the galaxy s3 well done shitsung. Ha Ha .....
+Jonathan Franklin The bigger the blue pixels area the lower luminance is needed to run it. Lower luminance means less burn (I'm just guessing, I have no clue) but at least now I know why Samsung used pentile for their WQXGA display, so they can get that 2,560×1,600 ... I think... any way, thanks for the info :-)

I think I'm watching too much +Erica Griffin on YouTube.. has me talking displays now
Lmao!!! Since when is having a tech discussion a first world problem hahaha.... ignorance at its best. 
+Chester Foster it truly is first world problem Haha.. Who cares... It's still a good screen, Samsung make great products and soft ware. Innovative at its finest. 
They make good excavators too
+Tim Kenny Obviously people care for this discussion to be made. I came from Jamaica which is a 3rd world country and my feiends and i talked technology all the time even when we knew we couldn't afford them. Not because a person is poor doesn't mean they should live with a poor mindset and limit their conversation. If you enjoy talking technology why should it matter what country your from. It's good to dream and join the conversation. People who call this discussion a first world problem are ignorant and narrow minded makes me laugh lmao!!!. I'm not replying to anymore ignorant comments. 
Who looks at a tablet screen so close. It's just nit-picking. Complaining just for the sake of it is not nice.. 
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