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I am really having a favorite here guys! Sony has knocked it out of the water for the #XperiaZ2!!! A video is soon to follow! Really wide range of colors! It's unbelievable and they just did so much right!
Early measurements results of a +Sony Xperia Z2, captured from +Erica Griffin computer screen as she couldn't wait to see the results.

I'm impressed by the capabilities of this device so far.
Gamut is large, comparable to Super AMOLED displays.
On the Z2 devices demonstrated in Barcelona, there's no chroma saturation boost added. If color seem plenty intense they don't look too over-saturated like we've seen often on Samsung wide gamut panels.

A bit later I'll publish the full measurements corrected based on a reference spectrophotometer, for precise color temperature and gamut evaluations.
Also, planned : wavelength spectrum to look even more in depth into this new +Sony backlight technology! 
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should i get exited and wait for the Sony Nexus(one of those years) ?
i allways wondering which mobile will make you pleased/fullfill with thier display,so i guess its Z2?
The question is whether or not it is possible to have consistent batches.
That's a good thing. I had the z1s for less than a week and took it back, the screen was terrible, the speaker and the camera was all terrible.
Best android phone ever right here! Really, really impressed, this looks like it's going to be way better than the S5...! Good job, Sony! 
P.S. That huge battery too, damn! 
Well, looks like +Erica Griffin is ecstatic about that perfect screen. Let's expect an in-depth screen test video. Really really want that screen right now.
+Nicholas Lin I actually think it is a pretty significant update, lots and lots of improvements; the display and speakers especially
They finally did it! After so many iterations of devices. The can be proud for having such an amazing display!
Erica I LOVE YOUR HONESTY +1000000000000000000000000000 :)
If they would give their phones just a more natural shape  and a removable battery. Sony phones feel most of the time like a brick in the hand...getting uncomfortable very quickly. 
Nice one, you're going to be big hit this year :) And finally Sony did it right!! Can't wait to upgrade from my long loyal Xperia S.
How long is the triluminous display going to last with the 3200mAH battery?
+Aditya Swaminathan I think it will a lot, I have Z1 (battery is 3000mAH) and if i use it very few at the end of the day (10-12p.m) I have 20% then if I use it with some moderate use it has 10-15% and when I use it a lot at 5p.m it dies. P.S: stamina mode on and also i wake up at 7:30 
Wide gamut = More accurate colors ;)
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