Run and hide Xodiom! Or prove yourself!

In the past I have come across a lot of scammers! I have started to recognize their game. Their patterns. How they steal money from unsuspecting people.

Now here we have Xodiom, who comes out of nowhere with a top spec smartphone at the lowest price I have ever seen!

Here's their catch:
"You may pay for your order via International Wire (Bank) transfer or Bitcoin."

Asking for money by wire transfer is a major red flag scam no no!

These people need to offer credit card payments at the very least! I can't tell you how many Craigslist scammers try to get people to wire money!
"Crooks like their victims to use wire transfers because the money moves fast and they can take the money and run before the victim discovers the truth," explained Michael Benardo, manager of the FDIC's Cyber Fraud and Financial Crimes Section.

Guard your wallets and move along people. Nothing to see here! ï»ż
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