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Received the following email today from an anonymous Hushmail user regarding one of my articles. Nice to be reminded that people who  don't have the balls to use their own name on the internet can and will be as mean as possible. Fucking coward.


I wonder how much you got paid to toot the horns of these vendors while hopping on their wagon train?  Or were you just a freebie slut for them? What do you classify yourself as, anyway, slutboy? You’re not a journalist (not even a competent writer), and you’re not a programmer (so unable to evaluate a program’s value). So, lacking these essential attributes, you surely can’t be capable of preparing editorial comment about software either. Wait, wait, I know: You are poster-boy for the Brown-nosed Sheepish Sluts Club? So did you get a matching yellow dunce cap and tee-shirt too? I didn’t see them in your snazzy picture.

Sent to Eric the Poster-Boy
using Hushmail"
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Oh it's funny how people are when you don't see them face to face. Everyone has giant balls on the net 
Haters gonna hate. I think if they haven't the guts to put their name to a comment like that then it ain't worth getting bothered about.
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