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Free white paper! Free webinar! Free eBook!

We’ve all seen the promotional emails, banner ads and Tweets. It’s Free! It’s Free!

The fine print: we will send you weekly emails with more content you didn’t ask for. We will also give your information to our green sales team and tell them to go close the deal now Now NOW as part of our commitment to make it as easy as possible for you to buy.

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Unsubscribing Through a Different Lens

To get on my mailing list, you not only had to sign up, you probably had to dig the Mailchimp confirmation out of your spam folder to confirm your opt-in! That was an active decision.

If you then unsubscribe, it means I didn’t meet the expectations you had. And that stings. 

But actually, if you unsubscribe today, I missed your expectations long ago. I just didn’t know it until now.

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What happens when you ask someone to register, wait for them to come back, and then ask them to register with additional information? 

Yes, that is what modern marketers are advocating doing today. Unfortunately the numbers rarely work out in their favor.

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Seriously #Twitter, a mute feature pandering to the social media gurus and ninjas. And those are not the people Twitter needs to be supporting today.

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You are optimizing your marketing investment based on how people you don’t care about are responding. 

Stop the madness.

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From Twitter to TV, your messages aren't getting through.

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"By his late 50s, the Thought Leader is a lion of his industry, but he is bruised by snarky comments from new versions of his formerly jerkish self. Of course, this is when he utters his cries for civility and good manners, which are really just pleas for mercy to spare his tender spots."

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How Google is Crippling Native Advertising

Many publishers are selling a value proposition they can't fully deliver and marketers are left holding the expensive back.

Native publishing can work well (consider what Forbes and NetApp have done among others) but you need to understand the challenges and have realistic expectations going in.

Full article:

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If you use Google Analytics, you're reporting is missing a significant portion of the traffic you get from Twitter and other social networks.

How big is the impact? On my site it averages 30% and varies significantly. For marketers looking to understand the impact of Twitter, that's a big difference.

The good news? You can get "some" of that reporting back (but not all of it).

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Enterprise B2B marketers face a conundrum. Businesses needs to drive growth and marketing is expected in part to deliver the leads that will fuel the pipeline for growth.

However, sales cycles are long. It can take months, even years, before marketing is able to prove the value of lead generation efforts with revenue. And you can’t afford to wait that long to optimize your investment and show results.

So how do you proceed? Start with these four types of metrics to measure performance and actively optimize lead generation, even in the face of a long B2B sales cycle.
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