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Happy #Festivus!

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This morning's SpaceX vehicle explosion, in HD. The explosion is at the 1:10 mark.

#spacex #explosion #space

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Things That Sound Bold

Perhaps this is bold counsel for matters of the heart, but in software design this is horrible advice.

"If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first six sharpening my axe." - Abraham Lincoln

#softwaredesign #design

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Social Experiment That Goes... So Right

This youtube video restored my faith in the common man. Love stories like this.

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Beautiful Site Tells a Haunting Story

An unknown man travels 200 miles to end his life near the top of an English mountain. British police retrace his steps, but the mystery only deepens.

This BBC story is compelling for two reasons: the enigmatic story itself, and the elegant parallax-scrolling site layout. I hope for a part 2 someday, when more answers are found.

Experience the story here:

#mystery #peaksdistrict #England +Ian Hex


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Yep, Luxury Tanks are a Thing Now

Not sure how "ready for market" this machine is yet, as some of the footage appears to be CG. But I guess luxury tanks really shouldn't be a surprise.


#atv #offroad

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Soundcheck by Catfish And The Bottlemen. Worth a listen.

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What Is the Metal Man Album All About?

The Columbus Dispatch had a detailed article about tomorrow night's Spradling Carter Arnold CD Release party at King Avenue 5 in Columbus. I'll be playing guitar with them - just not the guitar in the photo ;)

Full article here:

(Pictured: Ted Spradling, Deane Arnold, Steve Carter)

#metalman   #progressiverock   #livemusic  

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My First Live Rock Show in... Too Long

From the Shameless Self-Promotion Department: I will be performing this Saturday night, May 28th, with the noteworthy Central Ohio prog-rock project Spradling Carter Arnold.

I don't talk about it much on Google+, but in my after-hours life I am a session musician. With SCA, I'll be handling acoustic guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

If you're in town and you're even a little interested in prog rock, check us out at the King Avenue 5 in Columbus for the "Metal Man" CD Release party. (Tip: it's not a metal album.)

Tickets are $10 at the door. Advance tix are $7, available online at Square (Mention 'Eric' in the optional instructions):

The CD Release party Facebook page is here:

Eventsi page:

#progrock   #columbus  (Shout out to +Mike Prigodich +Mike Prigodich)

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This photo was taken with... an Android Nexus. Respect.
Today on the blog... this photo was taken with my Android Nexus 6P and it was an auto-stitched Panorama! I took it during a jog... I took a pano on purpose because I knew Google Photos would auto-stitch it. When I get back home, I had this! :)
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