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Here's how I redirect my focus using this simple saying. Might work for you too.
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How did you get my information and I'm not real happy about it
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Good Question from +Jahnan Derso 
How Deeply Do You Trust Yourself?
And how does that play out with trusting others.
As I continue to ponder Self-Worth, I find that Trust is a big piece of Self-Worth. There are many layers. I encourage you to take some time in your Self-Care Practice today and contemplate #Trust .
Tell me what you come up with!
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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The coolest thing about this video is to know that Ray understands the length of consistency and time. I have heard him tell stories about when his children were much much younger, and the relationships he had with his sons and their mother might not have been as close. Now look at him. His son said, "I want to be like you dad."  

I have heard him tell stories about being estranged from his father for years at a time, but now that isn't the case and his boys know their grandpa.

Ray has made a great living in network marketing, online marketing, but more than that, he's a perfect example of meaning, money and love finding alignment with one another.

I will interview Ray in the next 3 months to find out more about his path toward love and abundance, and share it with you. I'm grateful that he is churning out awesome content like this.  

Watch this video

Thanks +Ray Higdon 

Eric Walker

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This page will tell you who shared your link and where!

Muck Rack offers this free tool called "Who Shared My Link?" Just paste in a URL, and the site will tell you how many times it was shared on each major social network!
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Brillant! Gotta love tools that make things easier. Thanks +Eric Walker!
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How To Build Your Internet Business On A Budget
You don't have to spend big bucks to get eyeballs and subscribers

Some businesses and marketing teams have money.

You don't. You have something even better: hustle. 

You are one person. You work from the kitchen table, or the coffee shop.

This is the innaugral post in what will be a series of posts that discuss various ways to build (and get started) your Internet business for less than $500.

First things first, read Content Marketing For Smart Beginner series to help you get started, or note it as a resource to spend more time with. Here's the link: 

There are two ways (two forms of equity) to achieve your business goals

Of course there is cash. If you have money, you can "buy" your desired outcomes (if you're experienced and understanding of what you're buying).

For example, need new subscribers fast? Okay... pay for an experienced marketer to create a marketing funnel for you. Then pay for a Google Adwords campaign. Bam! you're in business. I don't think this is a good approach.

A lack of money is RARELY the source of your problems. If you're looking at your problems and saying you can't reach your desired result because you can't afford it, then you have the wrong mindset. 

Don't allow lack of money to be your excuse

Believe it or not, you're not at a disadvantage if you're building your Internet business on a budget. It's only a problem when you try to pursue your business in the same manner as someone who IS NOT on a budget.

If you carry that mindset, it will be a horrible feeling, and you will be frustrated, and be awake at night sick to your stomach to a degree. I know from experience. 

Six years ago, I was in an awful financial situation. I had resigned from my teaching position to follow this "Internet dream" I had got my then girlfriend pregnant (we're still together today), and she had to quit her job because she was a server at a smoking establishment, and suddenly, neither of us had jobs, no insurance and a baby on the way.


Yet just six months later, I was making a part time income from affiliate marketing and short term coaching and workshops. I accomplished this with no money, not even a website. All I had was a beat up laptop, an Internet connection and a phone. 

And Facebook (ha!) 

So a lack of money isn't a deal breaker. It just requires that you take a different approach, and cash in on a different kind of equity ...


Thank God for the Internet. It's a wonderful platform for each of us to express our creativity and do it for almost free. As it turns out, this is a great way to build a business. 

In the next few weeks I'll be sharing proven methods, strategies, tips and resources for building your Internet business on a budget. 

stay tuned

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eric all i know of you is this video but with that being said i think i have a big hit if i knew how to do it .it would be huge for america i believe and huge for my family name and would more likley carry on for years to come saying i launch it i am not sure what you do and or if you would be interested in hering about it as long as all info stays between us  .. maebe you could tell me or give me an idea of how to begin  hit my email and if not then i apoligise for the spam .. =/
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Eric Walker

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Just Getting Started? Avoid The "_How To_" Pitfall 
don't avoid it altogether, just the pit-fall part...

Whenever you set a goal in front of yourself, and maybe this is only my experience, but I think it's a human condition, there's this anxiety associated with the distance between where you are, and what you want to be.

Stephen Pressfield calls it the Resistance. 

Seth Godin calls it the Lizard Brain. 

There's a space between what you desire, the goal you thought of, and the actual outcome. 

That anxiety is riddled with: 

-what is the process going to look like? 

-what is going to happen once I get stared? 

-what if I totally fail, or embarrass myself? 

-how will make money (how? how? how?)

We're so caught up with "how."

How isn't the most important thing.

Doing the thing is the most important thing. How comes after.

I'm reminded of this story I heard +Ryan Hanley tell when he first started pod casting +Content Warfare . He said he did the first podcast and then took 3 hours figuring out how to get it on iTunes. 

Two years later he's #3 on iTunes in the #ContentMarketing  category. 

Ryan could probly give you steps one, two, three and four, but those would be his steps one, two, three, and four.

Your steps might be different. In fact they should be. 

Don't look for other peoples' "hows" and adopt them as if that's all that exists. You can use other peoples' "how" to get the ball rolling, but you ultimately have to find your own. 

That's the pain.

The process of getting from where you are now to where you want to be involves pain. No matter what it is. 

Here's what I know about my "How To" for just about everything in life:

The same thing that energizes me, creates anxiety. So I have had to grow comfortable with this discomfort. 

Thinking about what I want doesn't help me get it. It just makes me a slave to my desires. So I think about the process instead. 

I have set goals, but I have no expectations. Relaxed intensity without emotional attachment. (easier said than done, of course)

My promise to myself is to begin the process and surf the wave.

Keep going, keep growing 
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I liked you comment about passion +Eric Walker. I love my job and, I guess, as a result of a connection I have with my market (big family man and into education) and the ability to apply my craft with some sense of purpose. Trying to make a difference ...not sure how well though :)
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Good ballin'. Gary has shooters roll

Eric Walker

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_ +james altucher asks_


A friend of mine asked me, "How do you deal with aging?" 

My answer: I don't really know. 

Every time I go up a staircase I try to take it two or three steps at a time. 

But I also try to do it in that playful way, like when we were kids. Racing, exhilarating, zig-zagging, clever like we're solving a staircase maze, and then BAM, the top! 

I Win! 

As long as I can do that on every staircase I see, I know I'm not old. 

How do you know when you're old?

My Response

I don't know about "old" James, I tend to agree with you though, step by step in clusters of 3 or 4. Then a breath, a few of them prob'ly, and another few steps.

But OLD? 

I don't think on those terms.

Instead, let's ask...


Cuz there HAS to be a correlation between age and wisdom.

If I had a $2 bill for every person who once said, "Old" and "Wise" together in a sentence or paragraph or talking point, I'd have at least 550 of them. Likely more.

Instead, I try to stay humble, and imperfect in the practice of being creative, loving and evolved. Especially in life situations that are characterized by changes and endings and new beginnings.

That all said, I'm still relatively young because I've been more imperfect and less practiced. 
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Eric Walker

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One of my favorite YouTubers, +Elliott Hulse 
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Mine too +Eric Walker thanks for the heads up. 
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None ~ !!!
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Two favorite people of mine in the digital world and hopefully someday the real world are +Ryan Hanley and +Courtney Sullivan ... I listened to this unplugged podcast and I highly recommend it. I love the way Courtney cues it with this post of hers. 
Cramming Content & Multiplying Belief
When it's looking like there is no way I'll ever get time to write, I have a habit of cramming content. Listening to podcasts for hours with one headphone in as I hustle through my day is my M.O.

I believe in the real food hustle, I love what I do , but sometimes that's not enough, sometimes I slip into being a creative drifter of sorts. What I mean by creative drifter is someone whose full of creative ideas that never get written down, videos that never get shot, blog posts that wait in the wings.
The Antidote
Content Warfare podcasts are a very potent antidote for that unwelcome pattern of creative drifting . +Ryan Hanley's
belief multiplies mine, his voice helps strengthen my resolve to beat back resistant and the banjo seals the deal.
This week 2 stellar  podcast combined like rocket fuel for my mindset!
I know I need to listen to the last 4 minutes of episodes #12 & #78 everyday. I'm using my old school tactics of making mix tapes from back in the day and getting back to the roots of my creativity by any means necessary. In this case that has taken the form of a custom voice memo on my iPhone.  Find those podcast and experience the power of the banjo here:

What's your rocket fuel?

How do you shake resistance down and carve out the time and space to create?
#podcast   #contentwarfare   #realfoodhustle    #writing   #mindset   #banjo  
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Thanks for the reshare man, I look forward to the in person meet ups some day too. I've got the venue locked down and it's big enough to host all of us.
It's would be awesome to hold a semi-unplugged +Eric Walker +Ryan Hanley content creators workshop on the farm. Outdoors, wedding tent style, creativity unleashed!
Of course you can travel just for fun anytime, but with a crew hustlers like us what are the chances of that happening?😉
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I'm self employed and work from home. If it wasn't for 4th Coast, I'd go nuts. I'm so glad to leave home and come here to work. It costs me about $2.50 a day to work here and that's with the tip. The neighborhood is located at the heart of Kalamazoo. The vibe is cool. The people are friendly. Here's the straight scoop about why it works for me, and why it might work for you. -they're open 24/7. I'm here right now writing this review at 11:22 p.m. It's packed. Except for one seat that had my name on it. And I'm charging my phone while I write this. -the environment is comfortable. Nick just left. He's a poet. We smoked and talked poetry before I got down to work. Good people. -the music the baristas play is good music. I never know the name of the music, but when I ask they tell me, and I always enjoy it. -the coffee is great. the coffee drinks good too. I'm surprised by their consistency. Best in Kalamazoo. -prices are best in town for the quality. Like I said, $1.60 for a small coffee and with a dollar tip, I can work here all day. Way cheaper than the competition. -it's conveniently located along on Westnedge nearby Martinis and Bagel Beanery and Crowes Nest (located upstairs). I can ride my bike. All in all, it's perfect. A great place to be creative. Great place to get work done. Not a great place to have phone meetings. It can get loud with the crowd and the music playing over the speakers. It is a good place for face to face meetings. I really like the 4th Coast.
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