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I just wanted to share with you all the start of my IRL mouseguard game: Old Country for New Mice.

I'm looking for some good advice and suggestions for missions and encounters when running a frontier/wildlands campaign!

So after this week's It's Never Sunny in Doskvol, it's looking like we're going into a friend-turned-prisoner's head to recover some lost memories thanks a psychonaut friend.

Mechanically, I'll be using a rendition of Sorenson's Lacuna for this episode of Doskvolite Dreamworld adventures.

Previously on Blades in the Dark.

So I've been using a hack in my It's Never Sunny in Doskvol game about recaps of last episodes. It's a very sweet and simple mechanism I stole from Torchbearer.

I allow the player who does the recap at the top of the session to recover one point of stress. One player cannot recover the stress if they did the recap the previous week. 

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Hey everyone!

I just had an AMAZING time playing Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands for the first time on my twitch show Once Upon A Game.

I wanted to go ahead and share with you all the VODs of our session. I absolutely cannot wait to play this game again sometime and share how great this game is with others!

I've played a fair share of various games this past year, and I'm definitely someone whose style prefers more leading prompts and responses as MF0:Firebrands offers. I have never played MF0 proper, no even watched a mecha anime, but am familiar with the concepts and themes/tones from an adjacent perspective.

I seriously loved this game a lot and I hope you all enjoy it!

You can catch my streams at and the rest of my VODS on youtube at


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I'm announcing another Torchbearer RPG show! Starting next Sunday I'll be GMing for some other popular GMs and Players. Many of whom this will be their first Torchbearer experience.

We'll be playing through an entire homebrew adventure by your's truly.

Expect nods to Darkest Dungeon, Firewatch, and Rollplay Presents: West Marches. 

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share my ongoing recorded campaign of Torchbearer. I'm a new Torchbearer GM and I've been converting The Sunless Citadel D&D 3E adventure for Torchbearer.

We've all played at least Burning Wheel and we're just having a blast with this game.

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Hey everyone!

Eric here with another actual play. This time I got together and played the latest version of EDEN! I had some technical and personal stuff come up between the broadcast and now so I'm sorry for getting this up later than I anticipated.

Anyways Eden is super super fun and I facilitated it for 2 strangers. One player of ours has played MANY MANY story games alongside me but another player was returning to the scene and my program after a hot minute.

Anyways our eden was a lot of fun and played online using Roll20. We had a Starfish, A Mammoth, Bees, and a Cuckatoo.

I really like to do post-mortems of the games we play on OUAG and this episode's no exception. We spent some time talking about what we liked and didn't like about the game in the end portion of the third episode.

Anyways I hope you like the broadcast! And +Marc Hobbs and anyone else---- if you love eden and interested in playing with me sometime let's do it!

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Hey everyone!

I recorded a game of Follow last week! We had a really good game using the Posse sheet set in a space cowboy setting. Play begins at 5:30 if you wanna skip the intros/banter.

Okay so we all really enjoyed the game, but if you don't wanna watch, we ended up cutting out our last round of play opting to do only 2 problems before final resolution. I argued for it because the fiction seemed to take us so that the climax to our adventure would occur around there.

At the end of the episode, we spoke at length about our thoughts on the game. I shared that I think opting to cut the game short was a bad decision.

Another big takeaway if you don't wanna watch was describing our playset challenges. One of my players suggested that challenges be rephrased as "advantages to our opposition" instead. I think that's an extremely minor change, but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. It's less about hamstringing our characters and more about what they're going to face. (Especially because that same player had the notion of a cool challenge being internal conflict with the enemy, but that was handled in the next "character creation" portion of the game!)

Thankfully I'll be playing Follow a lot this month on Once Upon A Game! Expect more analysis/recordings!

Thanks everyone and thank you Ben for letting us playtest!

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I'm back with an all new Night Witches campaign! Here's a playlist of the first two episodes handling Duty Station 1! We'll return to Duty Station 2 this sunday evening on my twitch ( at 6:30PM and then back on schedule Tuesday at 7:30PM pacific! I try to get the vods on youtube within 24 hours of the game!

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