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Google Authorship and Guest Blogging

Have you thought about giving guest bloggers authorship credit via Google's authorship program and setting up a Google+ account for them? I have, and about to start this for a client's blog that would have rel=author for many contributors.

Give them this in return for their contributions to your blog. it would be an extra benefit for authors that don't care about link citations in the guest blog posts. Reach out to people that don't normally do guest blogging and are thought leaders.
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Can you clarify what you mean by "setting up a Google+ account for them?"
+Max Minzer Some companies charge to set up a social media account as part of then managing it. What I'm saying is doing it for an individual who's new to goog+ and doesn't know much about it. They would sill out a quick questionnaire. Person setting up is intern=easy once you learn.
Oh ok - with their approval though. Good haha
+Chris Countey Sorry I missed you at the Search Church. My idea is to take our knowledge of authorship and use it as an attractive benefit to people that help us or our clients. To most folks, understanding the nitty gritty of it is too wonky. Do the work for them, or have a lower level employee set all up for them and explain why they benefit.

Your post is fantastic. How often does what you mention work? For example, does that mean since I have authorship, if I do a guest post on most any blog, at present that post can have the rich snippet in SERP just by using the link back to my profile here?
I'm surprised more people aren't doing what you are! I never heard of getting credit with your own rich snippet for a blog which you might, for example, only post as guest once.

Imagine if an author could get permission from the Washington Post to link as you mention to their profile from the their high authority Blog. Incredible benefit to them... and could that be a big boost to his/her Author Rank when Goog rolls it out? In a way all of this shares branding credit of the written peice.
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