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My friend +Sarah Balgera is working on B2B Marketing Automation, and in particular lead scoring models. If you're using this type of solution, she'd love to talk to you. Thanks in advance!

EN: hosted +Bertrand Piccard and +Andre Borschberg today from +SOLAR IMPULSE  for lunch & a talk at Google Zurich. Amazing guys, inspiring adventure. They are building their solar powered plane 10km away from our office! True pioneers with a message to everyone regarding energy conservation and innovation. Respect.

FR: accueilli +Bertrand Piccard et +Andre Borschberg aujourd'hui de +SOLAR IMPULSE pour un déjeuner et une présentation à Google Zurich. Personnalités incroyables et aventure hors du commun. Ils construisent leur avion solaire à 10km de notre bureau ! De véritables pionniers avec un message qui s'adresse à tous concernant l'économie d'énergie et l'innovation. Respect.

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New post from my friend +Gilles RAYMOND on Tech Startup Fund raising. He has a ton of experience in this space, across the globe, so if you're building a startup, make sure you read this!

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A friend of mine (+Gilles RAYMOND) launched his blog and asked me if I wanted to contribute - I volunteered a short post on innovation, a theme that's close to my heart - let me know what you think

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EN: just announced one of the big projects I've been working on for more than a year. Probably a little obscure if you're not a retailer (but very important if you're one!).
FR : nous venons d'annoncer (en anglais) l'un des gros projets sur lequel je travaille depuis plus d'un an. Probablement un peu obscure si vous n'êtes pas un marchant (mais super important si vous en êtes un !).

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I'm a fan of Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jeff Hawkins as far as their innovation skills go, but I have to say Elon Musk is gradually becoming my hero in this camp - he has the same innovation blood but attacks huge hardware problems, which I find somehow even cooler. Check out Hyperloop

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Project Loon: another exciting moonshot from Google! Check it out.

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FR: matériaux incroyables grace aux nanotechnologies !
EN: incredible materials thanks to Nanotech!
Super hydrophobic coating.  Nanotech is so cool!

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