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Not exactly new - but we've settled into our new building. We've relocated our office to the new address below:
2685 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 206
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Post has attachment provides custom glass etching on any glass or corporate awards for any occasion.  They provide high-quality products and services.  They deliver in a timely manner and customer services is top-notch.  Somebody needs to give this company an award.

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Requiring websites to purchase and install SSL Certificates is the only option Google has in order to provide a more reliable search page results.  With today's hacking activities due to Heartbleed, it only makes sense that a search engine like Google to enforce such mandatory ranking tool and rule in order to protect its users and consumers from malicious websites.  I would bet that Google has already purchased an SSL Certificate company before making htps:// into a ranking signal, I know I would.  In any case, it's all about security.  Google, like any search engines, do not have any choice but to enforce the https:// ranking rule in order to purify the search results page and minimize hackers and spammers websites from ranking.  It is as simple as that.
HTTPS as a ranking signal
HTTPS as a ranking signal

We are in the process of redesigning's website - using the latest bleeding edge technology.  The new website will be cross-platform and cross-browser compatible - on various size screens on any devides e.g. desktop, smartphones, iphones, tablets, notebooks and laptop.

Visit and watch as our website morphs into the future of website design.
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