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This is an amazing story at the nexus of two controversial issues. Is it OK to bootleg copyrighted movies for American combat troops who are desperate for a sense of "home?"

This guy sent over 300,000 copies of bootleg DVDs to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past nine years. Was that wrong? I say no, for the simple fact that very little, if any, profits were lost because of these DVDs. Many of the commenters over at the NYT site disagree probably because they are typical American citizens who are disconnected from the wars. It's amazing to see people complain that a soldier who is risking their life didn't pony up $15 for a DVD so they could put "bread on their own table" here at home. I wonder what their attitude would have been during WWII when everyone was engaged with the "war effort." Of course that's the real issue in this article isn't it. How's this for a solution. How about we don't send our troops into BS wars for ten years. That would resolve the intellectual property conundrum and make this type of bootlegging unnecessary.

(found via +Lon Seidman )
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