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Eric Stettmeier
BubbaShelby. Artist. Toy expert. Wanna-be Superhero. Contact me at
BubbaShelby. Artist. Toy expert. Wanna-be Superhero. Contact me at

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BootLEGO Jokers HA HA HA HA!
"The pen is truly mightier than the sword. But I left my pen in my other coat." The BootLEGO makers are at it again, putting out incredible minifigures you didn't know your life was so empty without until you see them! Jack Nicholson's 'mime' Joker from the...

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Star Wars Action Fleet Rancor
Another flea market find: a 1996 Star Wars Action Fleet Rancor! The Rancor has long been a favorite Star Wars monster. I had the original and loved every minute of him when I was a kid, Like with the original, this mini Rancor can 'swallow' an in scale Gamm...

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Bootleg Funko POP Batman
I found this bootleg Funko POP Batman at the flea market and had to have him in all his cheap knock-off glory! Funko POP!? More like Funky POOP! HAW HAW HAW! Packaged in a simple little generic re-sealable bag, the vendor had a single Batman, Spider-Man and...

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Hotwheels Boom Car :: 2017 New Release
I spotted this 2017 new release Hotwheels Cannon Car, aptly named the 'Boom Car', at Target the other day and couldn't walk away from it. I have a Duplo Clown and Circus Cannon that I simply adore, and while this Hotwheel would have been a great car to have...

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LEGO Batman Movie Blind Bag Minifigs In Stores NOW!
The LEGO Batman Movie Blind Bag Minifigures aren't officially scheduled for release until January, but word got out a couple days before Christmas that Targets across the land were letting them hit shelves. I ran out and, via the squeeze method, found my tw...

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Could it be....Gremlins?
A couple months ago I found this sweet simple 1984 3 POA LJN Gizmo at the flea market. A couple weeks ago I found the purple Tootsietoy Gremlin. Not sure of the date on the Tootsietoy, but it has to be mid to late seventies. The AMC Gremlin is a car you eit...

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Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars! Toy ID Help Needed!
I found this guy at the flea market the other day and for the quarter asking price, I couldn't pass him up. Problem is,,,who and/or what the hell is he? He looks like Cyclops and RoboCop had a baby who was adopted by a SilverHawk and raised by Azrael. For a...

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'Walk of Shame' April O'Neil :: New from Playmates!
"Call me!" This is Shogun April O'Neil from 1993, and one of the last waves of original TMNT action figures. Based I assume (having never seen the movie) on the TMNT III live action film, April is either lost in time wearing her traditional ancient Japanese...

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Harley Qwednesday :: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Joker ReAction figures
I've never been a fan of the blind box or blind bag concept. Primarily because my luck tend to lean towards getting multiples of my least wanted figure. I am also no fan of not knowing what I'm spending my hard earned money on. Blind bags I can deal with, b...

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Looney Tunes Kidrobot Mini Series :: Bugs Bunny in Drag
One of Bugs Bunny's best known gags is to dress in drag and dupe whatever doofus happens to be giving him a hard time. And while Bugs Bunny merchandise isn't exactly slopping all over toy store shelves these days, you would think there'd be a few historical...
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