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This is interesting. Amnesty International accesses your Facebook information, and determines what types of crimes you could be convicted of around the globe.

(H/T +Alison Marlowe)
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Only 1 conviction for 1 crime ("Having a Facebook Account") wich everyone has ;)
I never had one......PERIOD!! my gf does tho I've told her about the security flaws but she don't listen....girls girls girls..
+Michael Fenimore I was referring to everyone who do the amnesty test because you need to have a Facebook account in order to access the service...
Nowadays you need a Facebook account for everything. What about Google+ it's just as good or better than stinking face-stinking-book
Facebook is way more popular than Google+, so it's understandable why Amnesty would target FB users (rather than G+ users) when creating their outreach tool.
And all that means sir +Christopher Phan is that we the people, who use Google+ are part of a more secret, underground, more special (per say) web of users that do not conform with standard-isms like FB.. WE prefer the more bad ass-nes of G+ instead..
Any questions lol
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