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Eric Snow

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Finally! Now I can actually take my USB monitor on trips.

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Which API shape do people prefer?

This is for an eventual importlib replacement for pkg_resources' data reading API.
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resources.some_func(module, 'path')

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Pleasantly surprised.

Oh, Python. I miss you so much. Don't know when I'll be back home.



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+Barry Warsaw is a one of my favorite people.  His response to a CPython commit:

>-module.  Specifically, any module that contains an ``__path__`` attribute is
>+module.  Specifically, any module that contains a ``__path__`` attribute is

I find this change hilarious!  Is it "an under-under path" or "a dunder path"?
Personally, I think word "dunder" should never be used unless it's followed by
the word "mifflin", but that might be a bit too regional.  Or maybe too old
skool (yeah, I know all the kids love the dunder).

and later:

>- * If the module has no ``__file__`` but does have an ``__loader__``, then the
>+ * If the module has no ``__file__`` but does have a ``__loader__``, then the

C'mon Michael Scott, make it stop!  Do you remember the episode where Dwight
and Jim team up to...  Oh, I was in stitches!


(disclosure: I'm in the dunder camp myself.  Sorry, Barry!)

Introducing my local Python users group to getting involved with CPython on Thursday night.  Using dev-in-a-box and the devguide.  Thanks +Brett Cannon !

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I had to filter "Chuck Norris" out of a chart: the towering peak he created made the scale of the graph unusable.
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