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Amazing how much we've accomplished in one year.  Happy Birthday Blink.

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Chrome is again safer, thanks to the amazing Pwnium participants. These expolits were definitely "works of art" as Dharani nicely put it.

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+GregSimon and I will be giving an update on Blink at #chromedevsummit  on Thurs -- what we've done since blinking, what's coming down the pipeline, and how you can help:

See you on the live stream:

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We sat down to answer questions about Blink this morning.
Your Blink Questions Answered

Over the last day, we've collected hundreds of questions and votes from the developer community on Google Moderator ( that seek answers to your tough questions about Blink, Chromium's rendering engine.

+Paul Irish  sat down with Chrome's Web Platform PM +Alex Komoroske  and Blink engineering leads Darin Fisher and Eric Seidel to get some answers. 

The video ( is embedded below.

Below are all the top-voted questions, along with timecodes you can click:

1:12 What will be the relationship between the WebKit and Blink codebases going forward? 

2:42 When will Blink ship on the Chrome channels Canary/Beta/Stable?

3:25 How does the plan for transitioning the WebKit integrated in Android to Blink look like?

4:59 Can you elaborate on the idea of moving the DOM into JavaScript?
6:40 Can you elaborate on the idea of "removing obscure parts of the DOM and make backwards incompatible changesthat benefit performance or remove complexity"?

8:35 How will Blink responsibly deprecate prefixed CSS properties?

9:30 What will prevent the same collaborative development difficulties that have hampered Webkit emerging in Blink, as it gains more contributors and is ported to more platforms?

12:35 Will changes to Blink be contributed back to the WebKit project?

13:34 Google said problems living with the WebKit2 multi-process model was a prime reason to create Blink, but Apple engineers say they asked to integrate Chromium's multi-process into WebKit prior to creating WebKit2, and were refused. What gives?
16:46 Is the plan to shift Android's <webview> implementation over to Blink as well?

17:26 Will blink be able to support multiple scripting languages? E.g. Dart.

19:34 How will affect other browsers that have adopted WebKit?

20:44 Does this means Google stops contributions to WebKit?

21:31 What Open Source license will Blink have? Will it continue to support the H.264 video codec?
22:11 Any user-agent string changes? 

23:38 When we'll be able to test first versions of Blink in Chromium? 
24:15 How can developers follow Blink's development?

25:40 What is about?
26:40 How will this impact Dart language's progress? 
27:13 Will this be a direct competitor against Mozilla's new engine? 

29:03 When will all existing vendor prefixes in Blink be phased out?

30:20 Will you support -blink-text-decoration: blink? ;)

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The standing and cheering really makes it.

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How Patent Trolls Kill Innovation

So bad.  Sooo, so bad.

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Cafe MOX, very cool. Why you so cool Seattle??

Post has attachment is worth a trip to Seattle to visit. Awesome. 
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