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Eric Schwartzman
VP Technology, CDI at Howard Industries
VP Technology, CDI at Howard Industries
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Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

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What You Need to Know About the US Security Breach

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When I started working on digital climate change communications, I was amazed that so many people denied the scientific consensus that the planet's getting warmer cause of CO2 build up in the atmosphere.

Naomi Ereskes's book Merchants of Doubt (featured in FIR B2B #24) explained how special interests use doubt to delay legislation, but it's +Dan Kahan's research that explains the importance of always communicating through the right messenger.

I did my best to synthesize why I believe when it comes to a contentious topic like climate change, the messenger is more important than the message.

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Here's a press release about a new seminar I'm introducing with PRSA to help close the digital skills gap identified in the CIPR study that +Neville Hobson spoke about and +Shel Holtz blogged about. Apologies for the wire service's lack of meta data.

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Could socializing the talent management system be the answer to neutralizing opposition to digital change management initiatives?

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Should all private digital communications be written to withstand public scrutiny?

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If you haven’t been disclosing when you use social media for work, now's the time to start!
Why Last Week’s FTC Twitter Violation is a Total #GameChanger
by Eric Schwartzman 

If you haven’t been including a disclosure when you tweet about your employer or clients, now would be the time to start.

Because government regulators fired the first shot across the bow last week, impacting everyone who uses Twitter for business.

This one is big. And you need to read it.

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