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I must admit, I am to the point that if I want an app or game on my tablet, or phone, I am paying for it. These "Free" apps and their PATHETICALLY annoying pop up ads are to much. I understand they need to make money off of their products, but seriously, Pop ups? Not only is EA, Glu Mobile, on my list, but add Rovio's free versions of Angry Birds...All three of then.
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The problem isn't the small devs that have free apps on the market that have adds either on the top/bottom or within the settings. These are big companies that are not loosing money here. They charge a big premium for their paid apps. Or charge in multiple ways to advance in their games. Pop Ups in the game that completely interrupt the game cause the player to uninstall the game/app, and turn away from future purchases/downloads from that developer. Every single pop up I have experienced thus far that leads to an outside link from the game causes me to have to restart the game, or worse...uninstall/reinstall the game to make it work again.

My concern, however, is that more game devs are pushing out free titles that have in app purchases as to make the game profitable hand over fist. And worse yet, some users of Glu Mobile's Front Line Commando have gotten to a level that REQUIRES a rocket launcher. A weapon you can only achieve with a purchase using real world money converted to in game money. And it isn't a cheap expense.

Many an Android user has gotten spoiled thanks to free apps and games from the early days. Perhaps iOS had it right where the devs charged for their apps.
AdBlocking is a tricky issue though. If you block ads, that means you are keeping the dev from making money off of the product you are using. In that case, downloading it and side loading from an "alternate site" is no different. One can argue that the latter is out right theft. However, the former you not only get the same app as the paid version, but you block the apps, and you get all of the updates as normal. Either way, it is still theft. In the sense of Rovio, they already advertise in the upper right corner, in the pause screen, AND pop ups. That is advertising overkill. And only the pop ups get blocked.
To add to this all further...
non-gaming apps I use are paid versions. I either bought them in the market/Play Store, or got them as the FAOTD on the Amazon Appstore. Even then, I have gone and purchased the app after the fact just so I could get the regular updates. As for games, I have a lot from Amazon, but there are a few that I have purchased from the Play Store from EA and Gameloft (Games that don't have ANY ads).

I don't mind ads to much, as long as they are implemented responsibly and do not impact usability.
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